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Hi everyone,

I have a point cached character which i am trying to collapse in over a period of time using particle flow. I have tried fracturing the character and skin wrapping it to the master character but am not able to drive this in box#2. Tried using lock&bond but the fractured pieces are not following the point cached character correctly. They just refuse to stay properly oriented.

I am looking for a similar effect which anselm has done with the horse…



The trick is to not let any physx kick in until you trigger it by grayscale map or a deflector or time!
use either a physx switch and set it to turn off simulation OR dont use any physx operators until you trigger the effect with a deflector e.g. and then use the physx shape/world/etc. in the new event.


Hey Thanks Anselm,

The main problem is not of triggering the event or physx. I can successfully do it with a grayscale map as u have explained Anselm. Using lock&bond operator is not letting the particles properly take the form of the character. The effect is not like the same as we get using skin wrap. It is not confined as it rotates few particles. can we use skin wrapped geometry in particles. If we see anselm’s gazprom video we get to see k how the fractured pieces of geometry of the horse perfectly matches the animated horse.



i pre-fractured the horse in neutral pose with RayFire and added detail where i needed it, then i used lock/bond to “glue” them to the whole horse (still in neutral pose), lastly i loaded a point cache on the whole horse with the cached animation. the particles followed nicely…What i could imagine is that you are not using Lock/Bond properly, it has multiple ways and settings to lock particles.

maybe post a scene file!



Updated the TV / Commercial / R&D reel…

This reel shows work on TV shows like HOUSE MD, commercial work, game cinematics, music videos for the Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith as well as newer portions of RnD. Now in eye popping 720p :slight_smile:

Shot breakdown:​gallery/​Incendii_tv-commercial-rnd_breakdown2011-1.jpg

Thanks for watching and thanks to every artist who participated in making this possible!



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Vimeo now has it’s official Orbaz Group after talking with Oleg. Please join and participate, share your work :slight_smile:


i uploaded some useful scripts for working with pflow to the vimeo group. Come check em out and grab em here:



Hey that’s a cool Vimeo feature!


I just uploaded a new film reel if you are interested.
Lend me roughly 6 minutes and i show you what i’ve got :slight_smile:

Please comment and critique as you like!



Colossally cool man! The Priest work turned out really great, hadn’t seen this one!


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Hi guys

I just finished this little fx shot. Pflow used for debris and fumefx emitter. More info in the youtube description. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:



your garden is strange like the marek denko garden…have a more green thumb guys :slight_smile:


I’m looking to do an animation with pflow and box 2. I have boxes that create different shapes. So they start life just lying around, then tumble together to form a pre defined shape collapse and form another shape, but not using find target and lock bond, as the shapes are already defined in a regular grid pattern, I use birth group to create them. The effect i’m looking for is very similar to the wall in JohnnyRandoms
but with one exception. All makes sense, but I need the blocks to maintain their physics collisions while rebuilding the new shape. Whenever I try to do this they knock the other blocks out of place. Is there a way to lock/bond the particle positions on the final build so they try to maintain their positions? Also how do I create a birth group and script for each “object” in my sequence, how do i tell the build which script it which, I’m not very familiar to scripting, how do I create different sets of the stored pCont data? ie The blocks first create the shape of a motor bike then the break up and form a car.

Thanks very much


If anyone is interested he has been helped by John over here:

in other news: join the orbaz/pflow group on vimeo as your local hang out on the vimeo platform i’ll post more stuff soon as they clear nda realm.



Lil something i have been working on the last 2 months:

and 2 making ofs:

Lot’s of Box#3, FumeFX and Krakatoa. And would not have been possible without Deadline to cache 20+ partitions at once instead of sequencial :slight_smile:

Hope you dig it,