【Part-time outsourcing】Multiple storyboarders and modelers are required


Project Name: “Star Energy Rangers”: Animated series targeting 6-9-year-old children, focusing on ball sports
Production Scale: 26 episodes * 11 minutes per season, planning for 3 seasons, currently in production for the first season only
Production Format: 3D, traditional cartoon style, Maya workflow
Style Reference: “凹凸世界”
Producers: Youku and Nanning Peak
There will be a significant production demand for the next three years, and a successful project could lead to opportunities in other projects; sufficient quantity is guaranteed.
The production cycle for storyboarding is generally 15 days per episode, with the plan to commence storyboarding in early December.
Collaboration Method: After successful testing, we will sign for one episode initially. After the trial period, based on the quality of the signed episodes, both parties will decide the number of episodes for further renewal.
If you are interested and scheduled, please send your personal portfolio and personal introduction to the company’s mailbox 【1328053293@QQ.COM】
Company name:南宁峰值文化传播有限公司【Nanning Fengfeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd】
Company address:New Media Center, Liangqing District, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
Note: Storyboard and modeler need to have some work experience, and have their own personal portfolio (team is preferred), no limit to the place of work, as long as you are on Earth, other links such as animators, post-production special effects, etc. can also be consulted, thank you.