Parenting hair and eyes


So I’ve drawn my character, added the mo-cap data and this is the result . I intend to use ‘blend shapes’ to create lip/speech movement, so the characters body is divided at the neckline, to ensure the 6 extra heads have a lower polycount. I ‘bound’ the ‘body’ to the skeleton and then ‘parented’ no.1 head to the head joint… This seems to work fine, but the hair, eyeballs and eyelids are separate polygon items. Because I don’t want to copy them to every blend shape object, they are just parented as well. When I push the play button, the body moves fine (according to the mo-cap data) the head seems to be fine, but while the eyes/lids/hair move, it’s not in sync with the head. I’ve tried ‘parenting’ them to the head joint and the head mesh but to no avail. Has anyone got a solution…? Where am I going wrong…?


skin them to the joint. or use a parent constraint.