Parameter Wiring and Animation Controller


Good day,
I´m rigging a car for a path animation. The rolling of the car is wired with a helper in one way direction.
I don´t want to animate the movement, like accelerate or decelerate by hand.
But sadly, if I try for example a noise controller, the helper moves around, but the wired rolling don´t follows.

How to get a wired connection to work with an animation controller?
Please help

Thanks in Advance


try noise float controller with linear float controller as float list controller instead of default controller


Thank you for your reply

Have / can you test this, please?
I´ve tried List Controller and noise or some other and the helper moves around but the wired object.
No matter what I try, the X-Y coordinates are not passed through the wiring :frowning:
Does anyone have another idea, please



noise ? really ? it’s to do with the circumference of the wheel.

high school maths: circumference of a circle is 2 x pi x R…if your wheel has rolled exactly 1 revolution then it has covered exactly that distance linearly (think a simple straight line for the moment, not curves). so how many revs a wheel should rotate ? welll it would be multiple (or fraction) of the circumference…depending on how far a distance it has covered.


Realy, is my English to bad?
As I wrote it´s an example for automatic moving with eg. noise or simular.
Wire this noised helper (right click Wire Parameter) with any object and it will only move, if you move it by hand, but not by animation.

Make a realy simple connection
Two objects, Wire them Transform Position X-Position and the second one will moving if you do moving it by hand. Animate the first one with a position controller like noise it will not move.

I need it to automate rolling (tilt) of the car body, not of the wheels


ignore me then, no offense taken