Parallel blendshapes issue


Hello everyone,

Im new here, sorry if there is already a topic or post about my rigging issue.

Im making a character rig, almost everything is joint based. But only for the mouth corners i want to add blendshapes.

So i got some blendshapes for a smile and frown. But i want to add them as a parallel blendshape. (Not before the rig). So they keep working with the sticky lips etc.

Ive add the smile and frown blendshapes as a parallel blendshape on the mesh. It works fine, when the mesh is in idle pose. But if i rotate the rig with the root controller for instance 180 degrees, the blendshape somehow is also switched 180 degrees. Which will give as result that the smile looks like a frown and the frown looks like a smile. (Blendshape look is not rotating with the rig)

I really dont understand why this is happening. The mesh has 1 skincluster thats all. And now also a parallel blendshape node with as targets the smile and frown.