"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


Thank you Steven! That was a very big help! Can’t believe how simple some of the stuff was! :slight_smile:


Hi Steven! This is some observational work I’m doing right now. I don’t really know how to draw grass well and I can’t get a good sense of lighting. If you could help it’d be much appreciated! Thanks!


See what you can do with this one…


Shadowlich, I think the main problem is that some things aren’t clear in this image, for instance is that lava or molten metal spilling down from the top, and what is it spilling from? A natural rock hole, like a cave mouth? What is the square thing it seems to be pouring through, in the center? (I see another one further down.) And what is spilling from the eyes? If it’s the same substance as the other liquid, why is it brighter?
Is the statue meant to have human-like hands gripping a shaft of a hammer? How is it gripping the hammer, with the fingers inter-twined (like in prayer)? Where does the path lead that goes inside the mouth? Down a hole into the torso, or through a tunnel out the back of the neck into the rock?


skull5005, that’s a fairly good drawing already there, and I can’t add lighting information to it without seeing the same view you were looking at. :slight_smile: Well I can, but it would be fantasy, not what you saw. Maybe you were having problems because the lighting was diffuse at that time? Like, softly overcast? Anyway I can show you how I draw grass, I’ll get to it soon.


Posterboy5k, tell me more about this image, it looks interesting but if I don’t know what you’re going for I may go off in the wrong direction. Is it romantic, mysterious, ominous, happy, sad, scary… what’s behind her (stars?), and what is she doing/thinking/feeling?


Hello Stahlberg

i few years ago you helped me out a bit with a scene.

sadly due to some serious work load i coudnt finish it, recently i’ve picked it up agian and started adding some environment.

I am wondering if you would do anything to change the light in this scene or perhaps make changes to the composition.

Please ignore the ship in the back, as it is still a work in progress
(German H39, http://i.imgur.com/LQrjp.jpg )

This image and its current light setup of the Graf zeppelin in combat.

http://i.imgur.com/bccHg.jpg (feel free to scale it down if needed its in 1920x1080)

for your previous comments refer to this link,

my thanks in advance!



Thank you for the compliment! It was in fact overcast, it actually started to rain so I had to go inside, lol! I would majorly appreciate some help with grass! Thanks in advance!!


ok here’s what I mean about the grass, each stroke made faster and looser, but with more variation overall. And, you have a dark line along the water, try to break that up or darken the rest to match, so it disappears.

And here’s the previous one also:


Here’s this one, I think there are too many competing focuses in there, and the lighting isn’t realistic enough. So my suggestions are: smaller sub, larger carrier, smaller plane, shifting things around a bit to lead the eye more pleasantly around the scene. Mirroring the sky in the water, making the sun stronger and all the places where the sun hits on metal. Also making the flood lights brighter.


Hey thanks for the reply! Basically, she is a wrestler that hides behind a mask. She is standing in the ring after winning an important match. Stars are actually camera shots. That’s about it. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


thank you steven!

indeed this makes the image a whole lot more appealing, i shall try to do your input justice


Okay, this one. The perspective on the ropes and her body was a bit off, and the flashes seemed a bit sloppy. One thing to make it easier is to do 1 really good one, then just copy it around as many times as you need real quick. :slight_smile:


Cool. Looks better than what I did. Thanks for the tips. Great thread!




I will close this thread again, temporarily, because I’m too busy right now and I don’t want a huge back-log to develop. I might open it again in a month or so, sorry for any inconvenience caused. :slight_smile:


Thread now open again. Sorry for the long delay.


I am having a lot of trouble making this face seem more realistic. It’s a painting of Famke Janssen I did a long time ago, but I basically abandoned it. The reference I used is here: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/19400000/Famke-famke-janssen-19447638-1920-1200.jpg

I don’t know where to begin reworking this image. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This one:

First I did some drawing, to correct the lower lip, the eye lids and eye brows, etc. Then I added some darker tones and some lighter tones. Your version was a bit flat, you had included some of the variations from the original but not enough. If you find it difficult to see those variations, one trick is to bump the contrast temporarily in the source image. \


Thank you for your help. I’ve been working on values lately… next step is colour! About my drawing, any tips on adding “life” to them? My sketches usually look flat like a pose or still.
Thanks again