"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


@futurefantasydesign: Thx! :smiley:

@Stahlberg: wow, thx u very much :D:D:D
I can’t see where the lighting is wrong, I feel it’s wrong, but I don’t know where and how
yet you correct it beautifully!


There is my first environment sketch. I try to make focus on the gates and character. But i fell something wrong. I will be happy to look on the correct view my work. Also i will want to hear something comments about my mistakes.
Sory for my English.


Hi Mr.Stahlberg the is an image i just made.

Any advice?


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Is a great great work, congrats. Only an advice (in my opinion). I think on top is “over exposure”, on bottom is very good, but on top color is extreme, too much light, too much white


Here are the three last ones.

Some comments about this one: Perspective was slightly off I found, also lighting was a little bit inconsistent. The door and floor which were fairly flat were varying too much in tone. Also I thought I should add a bit more detail to the rock surfaces.


The workshop has been cancelled.


:shrug: Well… kind of a bad thing. But. does this means that we can keep submitting our images to this thread?


Yes, sure, whenever I open this thread it’s open for business. :slight_smile:


well since you said you were open for business again, so here is my work: :slight_smile:
I wanted to find a nice contrast between cold and warm light to get an interesting picture.
I already did some postprocessing and tried a few things but I feel like it could still be better.


Sorry I’m late.
This one, the window is too low for practical purposes. Also, from this angle you’d only see ground outside, not sky. So I changed the perspective, the location of the window, and the lighting. I also think the moon should be smaller, but I don’t know maybe this is a different world not Earth. Also the black seams between the stones in the wall should probably be thinner.


awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

I already had a version with a lanscape outside and a smaller moon.
the lighting is awesome.


Hi Steven,
Here is a recent anatomy man, I’m trying to focus on getting it to look more natural than an ecroche type of direction. please help.


Hi Steven!
Thanks so much for taking the time to help :slight_smile: I’m particularly worried about the lighting and my use of colors…but I’d like to see any suggestions that can be made for anything else about the image


I would tone down the saturation in all the shadow areas a bit more, mainly in the dashboard in front of the people. Only where the light rolls into the shadow, would I bump up the saturation.


I’ve been traveling, here’s one of the 2 latest submissions. I’ll get the next in a couple days.


The other one:



I think I just went through this entire thread? Learnt things too, thank you very much for taking the time during the years :slight_smile:

I’m currently struggling with this one here, fresh pair of eyes would be perfect. I see there’s wonk, and I’m pretty displeased with his trout pout lips - those are a pain in general for me to paint. Lighting’s all over the place. Didn’t even think where it’s coming from, boo me.


Hi Steven!
I am such a big fan of your work and of this thread! Thank you so much for doing this! :bowdown:

I am currently working on a armor sculpt but for some reason the proportions always come off wrong to me. It almost looks like a toy for some reason. I really want him to have that big scary armored character feel. This is still a sketch mesh cause i want to get the proportions right before i move one to smoothing out the character.

Also something about the shoulders doesn’t look right to me… Especially when the extra shoulder armour is hidden… And I modified it so many times and can’t figure it out.

Any help would be greatly apreciated! :slight_smile:

edit: sorry i changed the pic to one without the shoulder armor so you can actually see the shoulders. I cant get why it looks wrong to me.


Hi steven, I’m a very big fan of your work.
This is a pool party frogman, he is trying to catch some golden balls and princesses.

thanks a lot,