"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


I’d absolutely love a paintover!


Let me start by telling you how much I admire your work. People that help other people for free is not something I see every day (sad thing).
This is one of the most complex works I’ve done. She’s a bad fairy(hidding a knife), with a sweet and inocent face.
I have some problems with the skin texture and lighting.I also can’t figure out if the background needs more details.I kinda want all the attention on the fairy.
Thank you for all the great work you do. Your thread helped me alot.


Character limit is such a drag in this thread


Thanks~, I’ll get to fixing the anatomy, The background looks so much engaging. Mind if I ask how you made the glaciers… so icey? XD


hehe, it’s hard to explain, that’s why I prefer paintovers to text. I just sort of… squiggled. I was using the same colors you used, just broke up the smooth chunks into smaller chunks, creating more detail.

Here’s another one:


Haha, you weren’t kidding by squiggles. I did notice that in the paint over you had some squiggles around the top, I had a feeling it was part of the process.

Here’s the link to my version after taking your advice, not done yet tho.

Thanks :smiley:


Hello again Mr. Stahlberg, this is my latest painting, It’s an Evangelion unit-02 and asuka fanart.

I’m hoping that you could help me with rendering the materials for the suit and metal. I’ve been trying to make them more shiny but couldn’t get the right material and textures for it.

I’m sorry the image is longer than 800x600.

Thank you and good luck on your dominance war entry!


hi steven,i hope you are not forgetting me? if a paint over is not needed, i don’t mind some words of advice :slight_smile:


wow, thx Mr. Stahlberg! after i saw your paintover,
i think my original painting is too colorfull, lolz
and the lighting isn’t consistent too.

Thx again!


No I’m not forgetting anyone. I just switched 2 out of order.


haha, thanks!! :slight_smile:


another one
I didn’t take it as far as I could have, because it would have taken much longer. But I think you get the point. I made extensive use of references, note the mountain and the trees


Hi Mr. Stahlberg. I hope you can help me with this one. The eyes and nosebridge have been bugging me. I can’t seem to get it to work with the rest of the features.


Mr. Stahlberg, I’ve been watching this thread over the years, and it never ceases to amaze me. I would love to see how you’d use some of your Stahlberg magic to inject more mood, atmosphere, and focus into this one. I was going for a leisurely late afternoon look. Thank you so much for your kind heart and awesome talent!


Ok here’s a new one. A bit difficult again, I was trying real hard to find something to correct, but found only minor stuff.


Here’s another one. I just noticed I skipped a couple, I’ll go back and take care of it


Hey, just found out about this thread…OMG how much one man can contribute to the comunity :slight_smile: Your awesome!!!
Hope you are still overpainting ( fingers crossed)

Wanted to make her left hand kinda mutated bloddy, u know… grose, but didnt manage to get the effect. And something with the light isn’t right too. Main light is coming from top left and secondary light is coming from bottom right, u can see it on her chest.
Maybe something wrong with anatomy? Colors used?
Sorry for my english…


Hi Mr. Stahlberg, I hope you have the time to paintover my newest artwork :smiley:
this is an entry for RIFT - Create a Colossus contest in deviantart.
This is a gigantic living tower with a hundred thousand of troops marching to their death
(yes, it’s not a swarm of ants) :smiley:
I feel this piece is lack of depth (aerial perspective maybe?), and maybe you can improve the
flame and lava, rock texture, or whatever you see as essential.

Thank you for taking your invaluable time! :applause: :bowdown:


a couple that I skipped earlier…


WOW thanks a lot! You’re the best!