"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


Here are the three latest ones
(sorry it’s been a while)


Thank you, much appreciated. I’ll have to enhance the SSS and spend more time looking into colour space for file conversion. Great!


Steve, could you dig a little deeper on the process you made to make the skin look much richer?

Not much about the technique, but about the logic you used.


ok well, the theory is,
skin is translucent and blood-filled, so the translucence is strongly red, in varying degrees depending on intensity and angle of light. Yet at the same time, the surface of the skin is not very red at all, the difference is sometimes so large it looks greyish or blueish by comparison.
The reddish stuff happens around the “terminator” (the line between night and day on a planet), and continues into the shadow. The “greyish” part is the area in the highlight and around it.


Thanks a lot for the insight, man!

So, let me see if I understood. The direct light will make it look more white-gray, and the more energy there is, the reddish it will be on the shadow areas (assuming it has areas filled with blood, like the chins).


Man, I’ve been watching that gif for a while now, and I feel like if people can understand what is going on, characters will change from basic to pro. (at least in shader). I’m puzzled.


It’s difficult to explain with words. Maybe this image helps
default Lambert behavior on the left, adjusted to be more like skin on the right.


Yeah, makes sense. Thanks man


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Hi, i’m a new member in this forum.

This is a great thread Stahlberg! :beer:

Please paintover my artwork here, I feel there is something wrong with this artwork,
but I don’t know what. The concept of this artwork is an alternate reality of Nikola Tesla.
Somewhat he becomes a dark thunder mage. The setting is in an underground tunnel
and the camera is facing slightly upward.
I have considered this has finished, but i wonder what improvement you could recommend.

Thx, and sorry if my English is strange.


Hi, this is a great thread Mr. Stahlberg! :beer:

please paintover my artwork here. Actually this has finished,
but i feel there is something lacking in this. I wonder what improvement
you can recommend. The concept is about Nikola Tesla alternate reality.
Somehow his experiment make him able to travel through time and dimension
and he become a dark thunder mage who is feared in the ancient world.
The scene is in some underground tunnel with the camera slightly upward.

Thanks, and sorry if my English is strange.


Hi, Anyone could help me with cloth ? I am honestly trying so hard to achieve a better look and feeling to it - but no luck whatsoever unfortunately.

Please paint over :slight_smile: *crossing fingers


Working on an oilpainting that is going to be a gift to a friend who loves beachvolleyball. I haven´t used a reference wich you can see in the poor anatomy, would really appreciate your help with that!


Sorry I’m late, here are the three next ones


finally the electricity looks glowing and Nikola looks more mysterious, yay! :applause:
so it seems the left light source in my original painting is too strong, but you make it
disappear completely, haha.

anyway, thank you very much!! :thumbsup:


Oh, there was another light source? I thought it was just supposed to be ambient light spill.
My advice would be to let the lightning be the main light, no other lights really needed, he already has 4 points where lightning converges that act as lights, plus the additional light cast by the lightning itself. Acting like a very large and bright area light. Also, any time you add more light to a scene with glowing FX such as lightning, you diminish the impact of the glowing FX


ok, thanks for the advice. i’ll remember it in the future.


Hi there mr. Stahlberg, hope you can help me with this piece.

I’m portraying a '60s girlgroup singing live on tv, I based this on old youtube videos and have tried to transmit that feeling here without adding a photoshop filter on top of it all. I’m happy with the character design and poses, and am looking more for lighting or compositing feedback, if that makes sense.
Thanks in advance.


ok cool, do you have any specific references you can show me? or I can look for myself
I think the lighting was usually quite contrasty and harsh on TV in the 60’s right? due to limitations in the video technology


Sure, here’s a picture (well, what do you know, there’s a little bit of detail here that I had not picked up before on the girl’s clothing)

Also a video from that show.

Thanks for the interest!

Edit: regarding lighting/contrast, that is correct, my fear here is “killing” the mood if I light it more aggresively, or drown the character’s skin. Now, having found that ref pic and taking a step back, there’s a lot of obvious issues jumping out from my render that could be improved right away.


hello mr Stahlberg.

first of all. I am a fan of your work. :bowdown:
this forum is AWESOME and I can’t belive I didn’t know it existed.

I Hope you can help me with this image. I want it to look more realistic but i dont know how.
thanks for your help.