"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


This one:
very difficult to find anything really to fix, I tried smudging some hard edges and refining some proportions and symmetry, but that’s not really anything important I think. The picture works already as it was before the changes.


The next few pictures.


he! there’s some wonderful fun in the last paintover!


Whoa, much deeper. Using different tints(?) of green with blue in the lighter areas and more yellow closer in helps so much with the depth. Thank you so much!


Woooowww omg thank you Mr. Stahlberg!!! This IS DOPE!!! thank you for thinking outside the box for me. I was caught up in detail didnt even think to really understand how to use light !! I also love how you redid the tail and the wings on his back creating a more leafy fin-like look. Its inspired by seahorses and seadragons so wow this helps MonDragon a lot. I look forward to rendering this so much more now! Thanks


Hello Mr.Stahlberg,

I am having trouble with this piece of concept art for an simple armor design, mostly in the facial and hair area. I can’t seem to add hair without making the face look too small or too big. Lips and Pupils seems to be hard to add in without making the face look overall weird. Tips or techniques on these would be awesome.

Any other paintovers are optional, but would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



Hello, Mr. Stahlberg,

This is a piece I did as part of a character design challenge over at conceptart.org. It didn’t really capture the high noon sun washout I was going for and even though I was trying a forced perspective that didn’t seem to work out as planned either. I would love to see how you would tweak this in order to take it from meh to wow. Thanks.


hi mr Stahlberg, this one bugs me, please correct the pose of her and him if it’s possible, i would like to see how you could push the lighting to make it more moody.


The armor one - I didn’t add much hair because I don’t know what you’re going for. But I took the chance to do some minor corrections on anatomy and lighting, hope that’s ok


Thanks so much, the lighting and the better anatomy makes it alot more readable.



Hello Mr. Stahlberg! Thank you so much for this thread and the time you put into it. It has helped me SO MUCH with my work. I’m a little new so I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting this piece here.

This is a final for a character design class I was taking this semester. I was wondering if you could help me with any lighting/anatomy/composition issues. I would like it to be sort of mid-morning/afternoon. I’ve been staring at these characters for so long I’ve lost all objectivity.
Thanks again!


Oh! I’m sorry! I should also add that the old woman should seem a little vulnerable, she’s deciding to venture out of her home for the first time in years. The man should look kind and gentlemanly and sort of like he’s been expecting her.


Here’s the next one.


Kazziu, what is happening in your image? Is it a hunter skinning a fairy with a knife?



Yeah, the image just went the opposite i wanted to, i just have no idea how to finish this piece, i could’t get the perspective right i got in my head, i’m kinda stuck with the details aswell… i would love to finish this piece but i’m in a dead end with this one.


Ok here it is. I don’t feel I had to change it that much


Mr Stahlber You never cease to amaze me. I don’t know what i was thinking painting this butter knife i had originally. The colors work now perfectly.


Mr. Stahlberg,

I was just doodling around in photoshop until I saw some drawing appear in front of me for me it looked like nature vs machine. Some robot that got attacked by vines.

I’m trying to fix the composition and values, changed it many times but cant get it wright. Now I cant see it anymore because I stared at my drawing for too long. I’m very curious how you will change it. Thanks in advance




Another one, this is tricky because it looks slightly cartoonised, and as I’ve mentioned before the inherent subjectivity of any type of stylization makes it less likely my changes are going in the direction the artist will like.


Hello, I’ve really enjoyed this thread over the last few years.

I would love some help on this trying to get more character into this render and making it look a bit more realistic. Much appreciated if you get the chance!


Hi steven thanks for doing this… I will provide two pictures for you… You can just pick the one that seems funnest to you…
If this piece looks fun i would appreciate some feedback. I love the blue-turqoise light that seems to be coming from above him. Regarding the orange lighting on his right side: this is not supposed to be from the background, I would like the only light on the right/under side of his head to be coming from the lit cigarette… other than these two light sources im looking for a dark environment, any ideas will be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

And on this piece i love the expression in Dimebag’s face, but cannot bring the piece into reality…