Painting Sculpted Stitches


I know this may be a silly question, but here it goes anyway…

How do you paint sculpted stitches?

I have seen many tutorials on how to sculpt complex stitches. I cannot, however, find anything that describes how you paint them when you are done. Is there an easy way to do it? Or, do you need to dig in and tediously paint each individual stitch?

Thanks for your advice.

Can curve brush and alpha work at the same time?

the stitch brush link is below the video
there is all so a stitch brush in zbrush R6 p2



I appreciate the link to the stitch brush. It looks awesome. However, it only helps me to sculpt the stitches (or color while sculpting at the same time). My question is as follows:

After I have sculpted the stitches, how do I then paint them (i.e., give them color)? Especially, when I want the stitch to be a different color than the seam (e.g. jeans seam/stitches).

Thanks for your help.


I have been playing around with both ZBrush and Mudbox on this issue. It looks like the solutions may be as follows:

ZBrush: Cavity Masks - This is OK but requires quite a bit of clean-up around the stitches. Maybe it would be a lot cleaner with a bit more knowledge and practice.

Mudbox: Dry Brush - This was by far the easier solution. The dry brush was very clean and easy. It painted only the stitches. I liked this solution the best.

Are there any other ideas? If not, I will most likely be using the Mudbox Dry Brush solution.


you can do this for 2 different colors,
make 1 stroke for your stitch, now you have 1 stroke and 1 color.
for the other color, change your color and maybe your alpha h- tile setting
then press the number 1 or go to stroke menu on top and chose stroke>modifier> replay last.
tip> do not rotate the model or (replay last) wont work right.
tip> if you use the hot key 1 for replay last and you change any setting like h-tile slider make sure you click off to the left of it , do not click on the canvas because thats where it records the stroke, what happens is if you move a slider and then press the hotkey 1 it puts the number 1 in the slider and you may not want that,
if your still having problems just go to stroke>modifier> replay last
and dont use the hotkey

if you want to make more then 1 stroke then go to stroke>modifier>record
then once you make like 3 different strokes then press (replay all)
do not rotate the models while making strokes


if you want to go back and change the inner or outer stitch seam colors you can try this method
this is done with (polypainting),
make your seams like i showed in the post above using polypaint,
once done go to >tool>polygroup>from polypaint
now you can ctrl+shift click to show or hide the inner or outer seam,
one you see the seam you want to change color, select the color you want to change and press color>fill object


you may have better luck and more control with this method
make a IMM brush then tool>subtool >split then you can select a stitch or seam and change it real quick


Thanks informerman. Awesome tips. I will give them a try.