Painting: Natalie Portman


i recently decided to try out Painter 7 and i was pretty happy with my results. this is a freehand portrait of Natalie Portman done solely with the airbrush and then i added a light layer of noise in Photoshop. any comments/critiques are duly appreciated as this is my first posting on the forums with works attached.

the full-sized image is here

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Good work. Corel SERIOUSLY needs to make a new interface for painter (of course have the old one in there as well, in preferences.)


WOW :eek:
Great job!



that is awesome, an you couldnt have picked a better person to paint!

1 crit I have is i reckon her hair line is too far back


Wow, that is indeed very good. I’d have to agree with the “receding hairline”, it seems to jump out. I can’t find any other faults really…

Well, perhaps the part above the upper lip where it meets the nose(below the nostril)… And she seems to have like “bags” under her eyes, they look a bit too dark…

It’s really freakin’ good. I really like how the lips and the hair came out.


All we need is wgeddes with his realistic 3d Natalie in here and we can officially change
CG Talk > Critiques > Gallery/Finished Work
CG Talk > Critiques > Padmelicious!


thanks for your guy’s input. oddly enough, in the picture that i used for reference, her hair is pulled way back. maybe the poor girl is suffering from male pattern baldness :eek: in fact, maybe that’s why she always wears those enormous headdresses in Star Wars! :stuck_out_tongue:

again, thanks for the comments.


Fantastic work!!
No crits for this

:buttrock: :buttrock:


sweet! looks cool.
If I should nitpick though, I havn´t seen your reference photo, but while the rest of the picture looks very much photoreal , her nostril stands out just a little bit. I think it´s a little bit to fast contrast ramp… And another thing is her lips looks a little bit jagged and dry, looks a little bit creepy, especially (what´s that part called in english…) where the topp lip and bottom lip meets.

just my 2 cents, anyway sweet work, keep it up!



Oooh, ahhhh!! That is friggin gorgeous! I thought it was a photo first. Yeah, I aggree about the nostril being too dark but I like the hairline. Sweet!



I love it :love:! Ofcourse the subject also helps :wink:


You’ve got mad Painter skills!!


it looks insainly good! i still think its a picture :buttrock:


that’s beautifull


That’s a truly admirable rendition. The way you captured the lighting is wonderful.

A slight crit would be that the face looks ever so slightly long. That could just be me though. I think the hairline ner the temple is a bit course, but I realise that the piece is not an overworked one…and that it is how you intended it.

I’m envious of your painting skills.



“Yousa datsa isa supa” _In the immortal words of our favorite character…Jar Jar…

Fantastic render!

Quick Crit…and it could because one of my eyes is lower than the other but…

Shouldn’t her eyes be set slightly lower on her face or maybe the line of her cheekbone needs to be higher? The forehead coming up around the eyebrow area…it doesn’t look like she has much of one…maybe it’s the angle…I don’t know…other than that excellent work!



i love the style, its so realistic…i wish i was as good as that. but on the other hand, i’m more interested in 3d - but that’s just my personal preference.

but, nevertheless, its still superb work!!


simply incredible :bowdown: my word man you have some mad skill with that wacom.

The nostrils are a bit dark, but not overally distracting, what’s a lil more distracting is the darkness inbetween the creases of the lips… but it’s a minor thing…

awesome job [plugged]


way excellent man . . .

tho indeed the darkness behind the nostril and the darkness between the lips could use some tweakin but IT IS HER allright :thumbsup: