painting constraint stiffness help!


Hi guys. I cant seem to paint the stiffness attribute on the constraints. My paintbrush cursor turns circle with a x. Any workaround on this?


what flavors are u using?

there was a prob in linux 7+ and syflex 3.55, 3.55b fixed it


im using 3.5 on windows. i also cant seem to paint it out even in linux. the only option that works is the flood button.


get 3.55b for linux, it works…


oh, let me share this… I find it usefull when I paint a constraint , then I just deal with distance…

global proc syflexConnectConAttrs(){
//Usage: select a cloth solver transform
// All pins/mimics that influence the selected solver
// will have thier damp/stiff connected to solver’s stretch stiff/damp
string $list[] =ls -sl;
if($list[0]=="")error “Select a solver transform first!!”;
string $solvers[] = listRelatives -c $list[0];
if(nodeType $solvers[0]==“syCloth”){
string $mimics[] = listConnections -t syMimic $solvers[0];
string $pins[] = listConnections -t syPin $solvers[0];

for($item in $mimics){
catch (connectAttr -f ($solvers[0]+".stretchStiff") ($item+".stiff"));
catch (connectAttr -f ($solvers[0]+".stretchDamp") ($item+".damp"));

for($item in $pins){
catch (connectAttr -f ($solvers[0]+".stretchStiff") ($item+".stiff"));
catch (connectAttr -f ($solvers[0]+".stretchDamp") ($item+".damp"));


Hi JMartin,

Do you then disconnect the pins/mimics attributes and tweak them, or do you usually keep connected until the end?



I usually keep it connected, and just fiddle with distance and painted values.

though I’ve been thinking of adding a multiplier in between stretchStiff


Ok, Thanks Martin.
In case you were wondering It’s just that I quite like having a look at other artists’ techniques.

Take care


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