Painting app for Android


I recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It strikes me how sensitive the touch screen and stylus combination is. Next thing, an artist’s mind races towards drawing/painting.

Can anybody recommend any Android apps for sketching/painting on the go?


If you’re someone who is used to Photoshop, definitely look into Clover Paint. It has a bit of a learning curve for an Android painting application, but is almost infinitely customisable and has a great brush engine among other things.

There are other applications like Sketchbook Pro and Layerpaint, but I’ve bought a number of them and found myself absolutely loving Clover Paint.


Clover Paint really is a good tool. The learning curve however seems to be a bit of a nightmare to manage. But maybe that is just my humble opinion. :rolleyes:


Medibang paint , SketchBook , these two app is popular , you can also get a xp-pen deco pro drawing tablet compatible with android devices to work with it so that you can use stylus features pressure senstivity .