Oval field


I can specifiy spherical or box field, but how can I generate an oval field? Capsule field doesn’t work as expected, for me.


You can drag any shape or spline into the Falloff area in Attributes Manager so as one suggestion you could create a Circle Spline and tick Ellipse in Object Properties and alter Radius Y to get the oval shape required.


Hi, you have to scale the axes of a Sphere Field in the “Coords.” Tab. to get a oblate/prolate spheriod.



thanks guys! I couldn’t get the spline field to work as expected (layer mode issue, I guess). The scaling of the sphere field works for outer boundary of field, but then the inner falloff is scaled proportionally, rather than a constant distance )i.e. different on the two axis of the ellipse) - not a dealbreaker, but just not optimal.