Outliner 2.0 Scene Management tool


Can you tell which procedure to follow in order to make it work please? Odd, but I can’t find any of the outliner file in my previous max version (2012) when searching manually. I unzipped the mzp file but, also, I’m not sure where to copy the files.
Thank you.


I think the best way to manual install is extracting the mzp file ( like you did ) and perform the following steps:

  • rename the folder script to outliner and move this folder to <#userscripts>\outliner\ on your system

  • open each macroscript of the extracted macroscripts folder in the maxscript editor of the target max installation. Now press “Ctrl-E” in each open file to evaluate the macros, which places them to the correct folder

the #userscripts path depends on your Max installation, simply type eg. getdir #userscripts in the 'maxscript listener to get the real location on your system

After that (and probably a Max relaunch) you should have access to all outliner functionality in your Customize User Interface dialog and are ready to assign keyboard shortcuts, menus or toolbar buttons to them ( all are found in the “outliner” category)

I just tested this procedure in a fresh Max 2015 install and it seems to work as epected …


Thank you for the explanation : )


For the love of god please tell be that Outliner 3 has been taken over by someone and is being developed, so we don’t have to endure this unfinished, illogical, arse over tit, bog-eyed featured, bug riddled nonsense that has been tacked onto Max2015.

The wheel was working in Outliner , why the hell are AD trying to re-invent it ??..badly.

Thank god 2.1.5 works in Max 2015.


We just went over to 2015, and I am extremely frustrated with the new layer manager.

Sometimes I wonder if Autodesk doesn’t want any operation to be less than 4 clicks minimum…


True, run Outliner & the new Scene Explorer next to each other, and just shake your head in disbelief with the extra workflow involved, It just doesn’t make any sense why they would break the workflow this way.

I tried Beta 3.0 but it was missing the Right Click / Add Selected to / and then a list of all the layers in the scene which I use constantly.
3.0 is incredibly fast though, much faster than 2.1.5 on huge scenes with lots of objects.

Anyway I’m not one for hanging around in forums wishfully thinking, I’ll continue to use Outliner 2.1.5 and hope someone with the time skills and talent takes on the development of 3.0

I don’t hold out any hope for the new scene explorer, I think they have taken it in completely the wrong direction.


I agree,

It is just not possible working with in a drag’n drop environment with a really heavy scene,
where ui response can be up to 30 seconds after action (and this is not a slow computer).
And that is in addition to the extra workflow required to do simple actions.

I will give Outliner 2.1.5 a go.


Yup, I only use drag and drop if I really have to for that very same reason.

This menu is my main way of moving objects around layers

Without it I’m like a fish out of water.

I’d love to see the nested layers reflected in that menu too, and also the ability to duplicate a layer and keep it’s nested folder structure with all the objects they contain.


Another option to try…this looks promising…

Nested Layer Manager 3 Beta 1



If you like this function, Pick Parent is exact same thing with same mouse click in SE except you have to click in main window.

This may useful when you have 10 layers, but when you have 100+ layers, well…


I totally agree on “unfinished” part.
But, I want to hear more detail about “illogical, arse over tit, bog-eyed featured, bug riddled nonsense”.

If you just say “It is bad.”, nothing will be changed.
If you give more specific list, dev may listen and fix it.

And… sometimes what you think is logical may not logical to other people.
For example, auto selecting child node when you select layer makes me not to use Outliner.


If you just say “It is bad.”, nothing will be changed.
If you give more specific list, dev may listen and fix it.

I don’t need to …better tools (imo) are being developed, I will never use scene explorer, let someone who does iron out the issues, I couldn’t care less.

Each to their own.


Is there a way to get Max to emulate the “select by material” behaviour Outliner has?
My problem is with grouped objects:

In Outliner, you select your objects and it doesn’t select the top of the group hierarchy, even if the group is closed. In Max, “select by material” automatically selects the whole group, not just the children that have that particular material.

The only way to avoid this is to open your groups, which is not practical when I want to quickly change the desktop material on 50 desks which all consist of groups. I’ve tried Neil Blevins findByActiveMaterial script but it exhibits the same behaviour as Max’s method, selects the entire group if it’s closed.


As far as I know the Outliner 2.1.5 is not encrypted, so you can check if the asked behaviour is pure maxscript and then to adapt it as a separate script.


I’m using Outliner 2.1.5 in 2015 without issue, I was wondering, as this has sadly been discontinued, are the WorkflowTools available for download, or are they now part of the install?

Autodesk always have and always will take other peoples ideas and implement them badly, that’s just their style, please reconsider developing this tool.

I still recommend it to anyone having issues with the Scene Explorer workflow, they always accept it gladly and state what a great tool it is.


I am still using it in 2015. I think it’s far better user experience than max’s native “bootleg” outliner. Please reconsider and please resume the development. Lots of people will be happy to pay for it.


Just a reminder of the reason Pier quit development, understandable.

I still would like to know if the workflow tools are available, and if the “add node” can be made into a standalone .ms to be added to a shortcut so I can add objects to the current selected layer.

Someone PLEASE take this up and develop it, I’m still converting Max 2015 users to 2.1.5 every week, and they all love it.


Yep, same here. With SP3 of 3ds Max 2015, Autodesk introduced new bugs that cause heavy scene lagging as long as Scene explorer is displayed anywhere. It’s an irony that service packs from Autodesk actually bring more bugs instead of removing them.

So i installed Outliner and finally remember again how a great scene explorer is supposed to work. It’s vastly superior over Autodesk’s official scene explorer, which will probably never be fixed, just degrading further due to their incompetence.

I would be willing to pay for the new Outliner 3 without any problems. :slight_smile:


You don’t need .ms file. The old action is still there in “Layers” category.
Just go Customize User Interface dialog > Layers category.
The first item is “Add Selection to Current Layer”.
You can make the action as shortcut/button/quad menu item.

But, remember it will add object to “Current(Active)” layer.
The layer has blue icon is active layer.
“Add Selection to Selected Layer” is impossible because…

  1. You can select multiple layers now.
  2. Selecting layer will deselect objects from viewport.


i am trying to install outliner 2 on max 2015.

i extracted the mzp on my harddrive. i changed the name of the folder ‘‘script’’ to ‘‘outliner’’. do i now need to move all folders and files to max 2015?

with getdir #userscripts i found out where under AppData i have my scripts folder. i copied outliner folder here. i went into max and loaded all macroscripts and press ctrl+e. restart Max. i get an error that Outliner core failed.