OT: Octane Renderer - 49 € until 4th of June!


Hi all,

just discovered that the Octane Renderer beta is available for only 49 € until June 4th.




This is a way to build a large user-base…Octane is a great rendering engine. Fluid and very inspiring to use.


Look Like they are selling the beta version and there is a cost to upgrade to version 1.0 :slight_smile:


No…you buy the beta version and get the V1.0 release for free.


why the misinfo ?

Our beta program allows users to buy a license for Octane Render Studio Edition Beta releases, at half the normal retail price. Your beta license will also be valid for the final v1.0 Studio Edition release, and subsequent dot releases such as v1.1, v1.2, etc, and will allow a reduced upgrade cost to future v2.0 releases.


Paul, are you using it on a Mac or PC?
Just wondering about video cards for the Mac.


THe misinfo is from here - http://www.refractivesoftware.com/faq.html. Look like they have different info at different places of their webpages.

Why are you selling Octane Render Beta Versions?

Octane Render is the first renderer of its kind and Refractive Software is eager to release this powerful tool. Instead of teasing users with web videos, Refractive Software wants to get the power of Octane Render into the user’s hands.

The beta version of Octane Render will be priced at 50% of final release cost. This will allow user’s to start using Octane Render and enjoy all the benefits of the lightning fast renders and interactivity now, and having a full Octane Render Version 1.0 license at a much reduced rate. :eek:


Octane Renderer require CUDA enabled GPU. So far there are only two CUDA enabled Mac Nvidia Video cards available according to http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_gpus.html. No sure if MacPro can accept multiple PC CUDA enabled graphic cards running under bootcamp. :hmm:


I use a PC for just about all of my 3D work…in this case I use Octane on my PC.


Not quite true, i have a 2009 24inch iMac with an Nvidia 120GT which also works with Octane.



The Nvidia 120GT is the OEM version that bundled with MacPro and iMac. Look like Nvidia never sell a retain version. Octane recommend a Minimum of GTX 260/265. On the Mac the fastest Nvidia card is GTX 285 and the PC is GTX 480. Look like the PC will outperform the Mac running Octane render. :cool:


I think most things PC ought to work OK in a Mac Pro via BootCamp. For multiple CUDA cards running at once a possible issue could be the different speeds of its PCIe slots (could some of those be too slow?).


I installed the demo on my MacBook Pro 17" 2,5 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, MacOS X 10.5.8 just for seeing if it works. Ok, it does. Relatively fast rendering of the demo-scene (spaceships), but very unresponsive with mouse-movements. May be it doesn’t like the trackpad. I will try at home if it works better with my own scenes and Wacom 3-button-mouse.




Hi Frank,

i believe it has nothing to do with the track pad… I have the same issue when navigating, because i believe that Octane uses the GPU for those menu tasks too and not much the CPU, hence the slowdown on low end Nvidia Cards. I think it´s best to use (if possible for Mac users…) the recommended minimum spec. card.

Nevertheless impressive technology, which clearly shows what one can expect in the near future.



Hi Stefan,

with my wacom-mouse I have no unresponsive cursor-action. It works little more slowly than usual, but it works fine. Seems that this is an trackpad-issue.
With my scene-files it works really fast. I’m impressed. But I can hear the fans very well :slight_smile:




Hi Frank,

that´s interesting… on my iMac 2.93 GHz and an NVidia GT120 it´s all a bit slow, when using the setting sliders etc. in the UI, while rendering and scene updates of course are pretty fast, for my machine. Anyways, good to hear that it works for you and that you sorted the issues out.

Well, then “Happy Rendering” :slight_smile:


Has anyone had luck getting models from EI to Octane? In Animator I don’t see a scene export but you can export objects to .obj but there are no export settings. Since Octane requires meshes to be only triangles, this won’t work.

Same with Modeler. I took some basic shapes and exported as "triangulate non Planar groups’ and “triangulate all groups with more than 3 sides” to .obj. But is just crashes Octane on import.

Sometimes EI just doesn’t play well with others. :shrug:


to export EI scene to octane, I use the “Export Parked Fact Objects” to save in fact format, than I use Silo to convert it to Obj


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