OT need a good screen grab software recommendation


Hi All,

What is a good screen grab software for making quicktimes on a Mac that captures both picture and audio. I need to set a frame rate and a frame size as well. Any recommendations?



Hey Bill,

I’ve used Screenflow for some time now. It won an Apple award a few years back. It allows you to capture the screen, a cropped segment of a screen, an active window for instance a tutorial specific EIAS window. It has various output methods as well from quicktime to flv files for flash and allows some minimal post for titling and transitions. A new version is out and may provide more tools.

My .02


I believe I’ve seen Ian use some other tool for screen capture. By the way new Snow Leopard is supposed to include the feature for free with quitime X. Or you can get a plugin for iChat that turns your desktop into a live video. I just don’t know or have experimented in saving that feed through iMovie or other capture tool.

Good luck.


iShowU or SnapZPro.


I’ve been using the Mac version of camtasia for my video tutorials. You can see what they look like here:


Screenflow is the other heavyweight. I own and have used Snapz, but there is no editing built into the app like screenflow and camtasia. Both screenflow and camtasia will capture from an isight camera at the same time as the screen as well.



Hi Everyone,

Thank you!

I really appreciate the information.



Snapz Pro is the best but OSX has it automatic in QT player.


iShowU!! :buttrock:


Yah. I just took a look at iShowU HD pro. Very nice.


Hi all,

maybe this service is also interesting for you, since the basic software is free Mac/Win and it provides also live channels, if for example the EIAS community or EIAS3D likes to air something when /or prior V9 is hitting the market. This service looks imo pretty cool with live chat options etc.


and the software:




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