Ostrich - AG Insurance TVC, gael kerchenbaum (3D)


Title: Ostrich - AG Insurance TVC

Name: gael kerchenbaum

This is an ostrich I made for Caspule Studio. I was responsible for the modeling and texturing. I took care of the blendshapes and flexshapes as well. Jeremy Celeste, from TexturingXYZ gave us an early access to one of his great new creature displacement pack.
Following is the amazing team of artist I worked with :

VFX Supervisor
Mhamed Elmezoued

Ivan Gomez-Montero

Digital Artists Team
Benoit Bargeton
Hadrien Brissaud
Cyrill Calbac
Julian Dropsit
Stéphane Laplatte
Clément Martin
Julien Nicolas


So good! Well done to everyone involved


Fabulous work… Great.