Oscar Trejo´s Sketchbook


hahahaha thanks! a creepy but sad looking monkey :slight_smile:


Hey Artur thanks a lot for the comment glad you liked it :)(


Thanks a lot for the feedback Travis, I will definitely will do that Im happy that you noticed the structure beneath the creature :slight_smile:


Last month I went to LA to assist a Masterclass from the “Aaron Sims Creative”
It was 3 amazing days that we spent the day learning in the studio their
workflow, tricks, and receiving feedback on our portfolios.
During the second day we were tasked to redesign the AI from their shortfilm “Tank”.
I wanted to make literally a robot tank I did a skecth in my tablet.
I will be finishing the modeling soon and then I will start working on the textures and lastly rigging
This is still a wip:

The original sketch I did in my tablet:


I am enjoying your work and I can not wait until you post your AI Tank mech. The sketch you did looks very cool. Hard surface modeling is something I struggle with.


Ohhh thank you :smiley: I havent been able to finish all the retopology but Im saving some of the process to make a small making of , That hopefully will be helpful :slight_smile:


Ive decided to continue with my sketches, but instead of doing daily quick sketches Im going to invest around 2 to 3 days on each one , so hopefully I will have better pieces under that timeframe

I decided to make a fan art from the reboot from the cartoon Thunder cats
I saw there was very negative response just because its a different style and more goofy looking.
But I really hope the shows does well.
When Teen Titans appear a lot of people said the same thing and that show its amazing!


I started doing a remake of the Spider Mastermind from the first Doom on my latest stream
After the stream I made a quick paint over and did some concepts of different faces of the creature


Awesome! As always. My only comment is that the iterations are visible in head area, therefore maybe putting one full image with all the heads (and only heads) in another one would be better for the viewer? Not sure if that’s clear.


Ohh thanks Artur! yeah it makes a lot of sense!


Cheers man!
Need more to feast my eyes :wink:


^I agree… the gorgeous render becomes a bit distracting