Oscar Trejo´s Sketchbook


Hi guys! here I will be uploading my sketches I do in Zbrush. I´ve been doing a daily sketch for 6 months now. there were a couple of months were I didint do the entire month but I try to be as consistent as posible.

To start this is something I did yesterday in the Pixologic Twitch Channel. The idea of this model was to mix different creatures and animals that were given to me in the chat of the stream.
For this creature I mixed Human, Merman, Crutacean, Shrimp and Dog


Yeah man, That’s cool. I’m so excited to see all the sketches!!! :smiley:


AdrianBirkeland - Thanks :smiley: !!


I’ve been following a personal challenge for some months now, the idea its to do a quick sketch in zbrush everyday. Now sometimes Ive failed but Ive tried to be as consistent as posible. This are from the month of september 17


That upper right doom style monster is sick!!! Can you post a larger version of that? …and LOL @ DOG GOGGLES!


Hey Bruce! Dooms its always been in my subconscious , sure :slight_smile:


yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Badass!


Thanks Bruce!
This were from October


This is a Little Red Riding Hood I did yesterday in my twitch stream


Woah what an update. Im sorry I didnt see all of these until now!!
More dog with goggles! Snake with goggles, Little red riding hood with goggles!
While on the subject of goggles. Why not give her amazing wolf head goggles?!!

The wolf head is really killer though! I like the stark red and the pale baby blue. Very nice presentation choice!


Besides the sculpts looking neat, I also am really digging the presentation of them. Do you try to keep the lighting the same in each render for each sculpt or just use whatever works best for each sculpt?


AdrianBirkeland hahahahaha Thanks! Everything looks better with googles actually you are going to love the sculpture I did for my last stream.
A hint it has googles

justcallmeinsane Thank you! I try different lightning scenarios for each model :slight_smile:

The creature I did yesterday in the stream it’s a mixture of some suggestions in the chat: Lovecraftian, Alien skull, Space Jockey,
Hardsurfaces & for the proportions and that spherical head “Jack
from nightmare before Christmas”


Oh man the cool Alien guy, Post the render!!! :smiley: and a link to the stream!


AdrianBirkeland Thanks :smiley: this is the link to the stream, its in spanish mainly but there are some parts in english

and the final render :slight_smile:


Sketch I started on sunday :slight_smile:


Oooh I do like Venom sculpts. My mouth goes like that when I find a insane hamburger. Know exactly where hes at mentally. Im going to guess there`s at least 3 200g patties in that bad boy. Did you want C&C on your posts? :smiley:
Will watch the stream for the Gummy Bear addict later!


AdrianBirkeland - Thanks dude! hahahaha hamburger tongue its so reletable!
Sure C&C its always welcomed

I did this during my stream thanks to everyone who came by and helped me design this character on the fly
For this stream I used the next suggestions from the chat: Monkey, Space, scifi. Also had the idea of an aquatic monkey but at the end
chaged it to fit a little into the back story of the character.


That’s one creepy monkey! Love the suit, with it’s tubing and straps <3


So many awesome stuff! Really nice! Thanks for making a sketchbook.


always hard at work! it looks like you are starting to pay more attention to the underlying skeletal structure. I would love to see you slow down and spend more time on it so its good to see