Ornatrix Beta for C4D


I don’t know how it compares to C4D’s hair system (which despite its age is really great imho), but it’s always nice to have alternatives:


Wow, that’s interesting. The Maya and 3dsmax versions are used by some serious players, so its great that it’s coming to C4D. Be keen to see where it improves upon the native hair solution.


Second that. I’m excited for Ornatrix being available in C4D.
C4D Hair is nice but it lacks a decent layering system to create art directed and complex styles.

Looking forward for this one!


Ohh, wow! that is the best thing to see this, seriously Im sold. To have this in C4D, better news that R20 for me, I hope its as complete as the Maya version, this has put a huge grin on my face.