Orient View Images


Hi Guys I need a little help.

I was a Hexagon user but they are not doing anything with it so I bought Silo and would give it a go. there was a small tutorial I got from a magazine, very simple space ship. There were only 2 ref images, a top view and a side view. So, I split Silo’s viewport to 2 horizontal view, made the top one the “Top” view and the bottom one the "Side (Right view) View.
When I import the relevant images and have them aligned the same they are not orientated the same way,
I bring in a cube to start the process, In the Side view when I move the cube to the left to be at the front of the ship, it moves down in the top view, and when I move the cube up and down in the Side view there doesn’t seem to be any movement visible in the Top view but I know the cube is going up and down but I am looking on top of the cube.
So I am thinking that I need to change to axis orientation (I am guessing ) on one of the cubes to they are aligned for the modelling process.
Hope this made sense and someone can help.
Thanks in advance


You need to rotate your top viewport image 180deg.

Look at the axis lines in the Silo viewport and the manipulator; they give you a visual cue that the object is moving as expected.

Down in the Top View along the blue line is +Z
Left in the Right View along the blue line is also +Z

If you have a top view of a car in your top viewport the headlamps should be toward the bottom of the viewport if they face left in the right view.

When moving up and down in the side view it is correct that no change is apparent in top view as the view has no perspective.


Hi Cinnsealach.

I am not the brightest spark when it comes to this 3D stuff :slight_smile: , I don’t understand your explanation. If I rotate the top image 180, then the front of the ship faces to the right and in the side viewport the front faces to the left . I suppose I am trying to replicate Hexagons viewport setup with the images both facing the same way, so that when I start extruding the cube against the images they all go the same way.

Sorry, said I wasn’t smart.


I assumed your top view image was oriented nose up - is that not the case?

I have attached a screenshot showing reference images (not my own; I grabbed it off google image search) in the correct orientation if you are using Top and Right Viewports.

As you can see; the cube I added is in the same Z position in both views.



Again thank you Cinnsealach for the reply.
I was right, I was trying to replicate the Hexagon setup, I think I found the problem I was rotating the image as you suggested but with the cube in the scene and that seemed to be the problem because I now have it the way I wanted and am now modeling the craft.
Thank you again