Opening png sequence on individual planes



wanted to ask if possible, and if so how, to open a sequence of hundreds of pngs mapped on individual planes, positioned at even distances form each other. iow i want to have multiple planes that are positioned on a z axis offset by just a mm or so, like if i’d cloned them, but each to have a different png image of a video, so that basically you’re able to see each frame of the video in a z-axes time laps. i know how to do this individually but wonder if would it be possible to automate it so i don’t have to spend countless hours of importing 200 images one by one.



Add a mograph multi shader to a material, set the mode at the top to ‘index ratio’ Then click the ‘add from folder’ button and direct it to your image sequence.

It will take a little while to load them in, but just whack it on the mograph cloner and each object will pick up an image. Just make sure the object count matches the number of frames.