Openfolder function


Hey there!

I have a problem with this code:
theDialog = dotNetObject “System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog” --create a OpenFileDialog
theDialog.title = “Open Folder” --set the title
result = theDialog.showDialog() --display the dialog, get result into variable
result.ToString() --when closed, convert the result to string
result.Equals result.OK --returns TRUE if OK was pressed, FALSE otherwise
result.Equals result.Cancel --returns TRUE if Cancel was pressed, FALSE otherwise
theFilenames = theDialog.fileNames --the selected filenames will be returned as an array

It opens the OpenFileDialog but you need to select a file. I’m looking for the exact same thing where you don’t have to select a file, like in a output path for a render: you go on the right folder you type: “SHOT100.jpg”, hit “ok” and it goes like “C:\mypath…\SHOT100.jpg” even if the file SHOT100.jpg doesn’t exist yet.
How does it work with dotnet?

Thank you!


if file doesn’t exist you have to use System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog instead


Thanks, that works.
Is there a way to not have “the save as type” dropdownlist?


It’s a part of built-in .net dialog. There might only a ‘hack’ to hide or remove its UI element.


Difficult hack?


Why do you want to hide it?


It simply bothers me, but whatever. It works as good. Thanks :wink: