Ooh la la!, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Ooh la la!
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

A super-cliched tribute to my super-talented French chum, Serge Birault.
I learned a lot about Vray whilst making this.

Serge’s site:


Is this the one you’ve been working around the clock on? It’s fabulous! I love the look on her face, a perfect mix of pondering and bitchy aloofness. I really like the apparent simplicity of the shading and lighting too.


Oh yeah ! Another frontpage :slight_smile:

Congratz and thx a lot for this picture my friend ^^
Champagne !


The subtle expression on her face really works well in the piece. Great work!


Nice one Andy. Fun as always.

Love the derriere bottle :wink:


very cliche indeed, but you missed the baguette
Anyway, superb work, she is hot

Edit: I just noticed the snail trying to escape, lulz


Nicely done, my son… Derriere indeed :smiley:


Zoo-wee-Mama! :scream:


Another fresh piece of 3d Illustration from Andrew. Its truly amazing.
Lighting makes it look very fresh.

I am a great fan of your 3d artwork.



Very beautiful design. Sweet picture!


I knew this was your work as soon as I spotted it on the top row.

Great work again Andy.

Kevin B


Great image Andy, lighting and atmosphere are top notch. love the pose and expression.
Would be great to see an animated short in this style!


Fabulous!!! This girl is very alive :bowdown:


Haha Excellent, I love the snails! I eat them for breakfast and frogs at lunch :slight_smile:

Congratulation, that’s beautiful and made me smile.


Hey Andy!
Nice girl! Congrats on the frontpage!!


Looks very good! Nice job.


Really great one Andrew, Congrats!


Really nice light. Love how you mix your light with the volumes of the forms of your characters. And also the look is great, is not pure 2D look, but is not pure 3D look also, looks like a middle point… I like that (don’t know if you did some compositing work by passes or if is just a straight 3D render and some adjustments in the end ?). Also the character is pretty sexy indeed.

One of the best digital illustrations of the year for sure! :thumbsup:



Great image! I really like the “early morning bloom”. And her, of course :applause:

Best regards,


Love it man, well done!