Online Schools suggestions for Game Art


Hello people. I’m ending my studies at an art school, I focussed on learning character design and Concept and I wanted to bring these skills into Game Art, specifically I’d like to model and sculpt for game assets. I’d prefer not apply for some GameDev bachelor since they’re expensive and last many years (and I already have a bachelor in Visual Arts). I was considering to take online classes and workshops and I took a look at these schools and I wanted some suggestions from people who had experiences with them:

Think Tank Online: It looks really a good school but their online programm is 16000 CAD (almost 10k euros) and I want to be sure that they deserve that price

Vertex School: this looks like a nice school too but I read too little online to have an opinion. It costs almost the half of the Think Tank but the course is just 10 months instead of 16

CgSpectrum: I took a look but I’d like to esclude it cause I was looking for some live lessons instead of their method of teaching where you just get a review once a week

Gnomon: I’ve took them in consideration but every online course is too programm focussed for me. I was thinking of taking some pre recorded workshop from them though

I was considering these workshops too, maybe to have an idea of what is like to sculpt digitally, before applying on one of those school I mentioned:

Vertex: has some interesting workshops incoming and I was thinking to take one of their classes

Bruno Camarata Masterclass: I love his artworks and I was considering on taking this masterclass, but it costs a bit too much. Maybe someone already knows his workflow and can suggest me if it’s worth

YCFCG English Course: This is an interesting one too but it has the same lessons as CgSpectrum. It’s not very expensive though

Yiihuu courses: Last there are the Yiihuu courses who looks very interesting and are not that expensive. Someone already took one of their classes?

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately here were I live (Italy) there aren’t many people I can ask and since GameDev isn’t really a thing here I’m also very confused about all these course.