One Prayer, Linda (3D)


All comments are welcome:)


no reply so far… :rolleyes:

well I liked it a lot cool work…

I didn’t like door… looks little flat…

but good work


Wow, no reply yet?!? I like this, I think you did a great job on almost everything. Great textures and models, and the Lighting is done nicely also. Couple things I noticed. The wooden floor boards arent aligned near the bottom of the pic, like the texture is off or something. This is creating a very visible seam. Also maybe the textures in the room are a bit too repetitive. Maybe try throwing some different colors in there to liven things up a bit. Like the chair doesnt have to be the same color as the bed frame and shelving, mix things up a bit. Theres alot of gold. Well thats all from me, Great WORK!!

ooh one more thing, maybe add the side boards that run across the bottom of walls in most homes.:thumbsup:


Great warmth and composition, beautiful pallette. The modelling is top notch also! As a matter of fact, I cand find anything to crit here. I like that the image conveys some kind of story (the suitcase, the book) we feel like she is on a journey, away from home. Very nice. I’d love to see some wires, and hear a bit about software used, renderer, etc. Was this just for fun? Will there be an animation?


Very nice job! I love your style you got going here. nice objects and great texturing. The only things that bug me a little are a couple shadows, the one on the bed sheet is a bit harsh and kinda flattens it out a bit and also the one on the girls leg may be a bit harsh too, but just a bit. Also perhaps the pendulem on the clock in the upper left corner could be straight up and down. The mid swing of it currently adds some tension or dynamism to the otherwise very calm and peaceful scene. Just tiny things to help. Very good job I think!:beer:


really like your image

nice shaders,and great lighting

but you should release the girl from it, unless you maek a 3d one

she doesn’t seem to fit in it

besides that, i wouldnt change a bit of it


I like the girl in the scene, and the whole scene in general.

This is quite a nice change from the monsters and demons and ultra-tech stuff we usually see on here.

The big crit: I also noticed the board’s texture along the bottom do not match up at the seam of the tile ( I imagine). You should really fix that.

Great work.


Hi all glad that you liked my work i will absoloutly fix the floor here are a wire i am not proud of it because it is a bit of a mess but anyway for you who like to see wire here it is.

as you understand the hair was painted after in photoshop.


very nice…

just one mmiiinoor nitpick.

are there glass on the door the girl is facing… should there be a smidge of reflection of the floor, and perhaps the girl.

maybe not… i dunno… still awesome


Beautiful! I love it! it feels warm and calm… great render.



Stunning work!
Maybe make the indoorlight a little colder in contrast to the warm sunset?
That way you can get a neat backlight on the girl and put her a little bit more in focus :slight_smile:


Linda? 3D Artist named Linda from Sweden? Gee, I thought we didn’t have ANY girls doing 3d here…Bravo!! More of that…Where do you work?

PS: Looks great by the way…warm feeling…Praying…hmmm…afraid of not passing the test tomorrow maybe? :wink:

/ T


Beautiful image, and nice composition, kinda reminds me of the trailer Polar Express. What app did you use? And yeah aside from the floor boards, it’s a great image. Is it possible to see the lil girl by her lonesome? A close-up if you will.




It’s good except for the bed sheet, it looks like clay and it’s to “boxy”…


i love the feel of it.


If it’s Linda from it’s max and vray :slight_smile:

Great work Linda, only thing bugging me is the seam between the planktexturs on the floor, doesn’t look natural. Also, could you post a link to a higher quality picture? I feel that the compression doesn’t do your work justice…


Yah, have to agree on the cover on the bed. One more thing, the right half feels like an illustration, the left half a little less so, but it’s still got a really nice mood. Good use of sss too btw.


beautiful. I love it, especially the right part, with the soft lighting and the sweet girl


I love it very much:buttrock:


I realy like the style. It has a non CG look which I realy like.

Some crits:

  • I think the colors are too much of the same (brownish)
  • The bedspreadcolor doesn’t fit the room



:bounce: Amazing work, I just love it.:bounce: