One day trip to Tokyo on Dec, 20th



I am planning for a one day trip to show people who visit Japan for the first time around Tokyo. I have been living in Tokyo for around 4 years, so i think i can be a good guide for you! :slight_smile:

Date : Dec, 20th (Sunday) (We start the trip together, but you can leave anytime)
Gathering Place : JR Shinjuku Station - West Exit (9:00 am sharp)

I recommend the following places to visit, if you have any other requests please let me know, I may adjust the program later, detailed schedule will be announced after the deadline to registered peoples` mails:

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Harajuku (Lunch)
  • Imperial Palace
  • Odaiba
  • Shibuya (Dinner)

Cost : Please pay your transportation, admission fees … etc by yourself!

Registration Deadline : Dec, 12th.

Registration : Please send me a private message before Dec, 12th with your name and email address if you are interested! I will contact you later for confirmation and in case of any change.

Looking forward to see you guys!



A real shame :frowning: I already planned my Tokyo trip on Dec 11th to 14th. On 20th I will go to Hiroshima until 22nd :slight_smile:


Hi there, I like your inviting :slight_smile: . But how can I contact you after coming to SIGGRAPH? ( I think there will be lots of interns there +.+)

Nice to meet ya. I’m from Singapore


If you want to register for the trip please send me your name and email address. i will contact you later for details.



deleted :smiley:

Thanks ya :slight_smile:


hey ,
haitham thats great man


Oh and I would love to visit Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Tower,Rainbow Bridge or Rikuyuen garden also ^^


Hi, thanks for registration. i would appreciate you remove your email address from the previous post, your inbox could be full of spam in the coming two weeks because of that :curious:

about the places you suggested

  • Ghibili Museum : is a little bit far from Tokyo center, and we need reservation for that to go
  • Tokyo Tower : i thought about it for the night, but i thought also the view from Odaiba could be more nice, plus i am trying to make the cost for the trip as low as possible since i know most of you are studetns.
  • Rainbow bridge : is best seen from odaiba, so you can see it! :thumbsup:
  • Rikuyuen garden : I think there should be some mistake in the spell, please check it again. anyway, I think mid December is not the best time to go to gardens in Japan!


ok then dun need go to garden ^^ and Ghibli Museum I thought we can use Lawson machine to register ?


I am actually leaving Tokyo on the 20th so I cant due the tour on the 20th. I was hoping to tour Tokyo the evening of the 13th and the morning of the 14th but thanks for the invite.


Hi. I am sorry to hear that. I may be busy picking some of my friends from the airport at 13th or 14th, but we still can meet at the conference anyway.

have a safe trip to Yokohama !


Wow! This seems like a great idea. I really hope I’m able to tag along. Still figuring out my plans and I think I leave the 21st, so there’s a good chance I’ll be joining you.

Thank you! :buttrock:


Hi Josh,
Your name is on the list now, please let me know when you can not come.


Thanks Haitham! I’ll let you know of my plans as they come. :thumbsup:


It sounds great. I plan to spend the last day in Tokyo and leave in the evening.
Just now,I worried about the one-day trip and I saw your thread. How lucky I am.

Anyway, please contact me and thank you very much.:slight_smile:


the idea sounds great! i still have no plan for the day, if there’s no changes i’ll follow your plan. (PM u already :slight_smile: )

I’ll tell you if i cannot go.




I just found out for sure that my flight is leaving on December 20, so I will unfortunately not be able to join you guys. :[ Have a lot of for for me and make sure to take lots of pictures!


The registration is closed by today.
All registered people should have recieved a private email from me. if you didnt please let me know.

Looking forward to see you in Yokohama and Tokyo


o great …count me in…will be in japan till 30 dec so i have plenty of timers…


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