Old Base80.com purchase (the c4d base)


I purchased old base80.com domain. Just happy to save it for c4dcommunity. A year ago price was 1000 dollars but now only 850. Any ideas how to develop site? Perhaps free xpresso scripts and c4d scenes?




Nice to see the old base80 site again.

I remember his ‘dirty proxy trick’ - writing to user data and reading it back in order to loop XPresso output back to the input (not allowed in XP). His example was to measure the length of a phrase and insert the value in the actual phrase eg

‘this phrase is 33 characters long’

I also use the base wheel a lot - uses matrix math to get correct wheel rotation in any direction.


It will take some time to get site back again. It won´t be the same site but will have Cinema 4D scenes along with xpresso setups. I personally have not ownership of Oliver´s c4d content so it´s not possible to say I can upload any files but I can ask him about it.


So what did you pay $850 for surely not just the domain?


Yes sure. It was more expensive before.
It depends how popular domain name is.
Surely base80.com has many links over internet
and is worth the money.


Hi, yes it is me, base80. I will provide full cooperation with ahven to rebuild base80 com
I am quite happy to see this initiative because it was always a valuable base of information and downloadables.
My current life is not related to computers nor 3d, I am both a long distance hiker and an artist and I cut plants… like a modeler :slight_smile:


Happy to read you, Base80. It was a long time ! 12 years maybe when I met you in Rotterdam.


Domain name will be transferred to new hosting around december 2019. Slow but ok…


Hi Base80
I installed Wordpress yesterday for the site. I tried to contact you but perhaps you were trimming hedges so please get back when you have time. Thanks

ps:Not sure about the site style yet.



Started adding few tutorials from waybackmachine. Some original images are still missing from some parts of tutorials.

Check out nice one. Camera Match on Object


Lens effect is one for today