Offsetting position of objects based on a bitmap


I’m looking for a way to offset or displace the position of a grid of objects based on the information in a bitmap.
Something like “shader fields” in C4D.

So, for example, if I have a bunch of cubes layed out in a grid formation and I have a bitmap animation of a gradient going from black to white and black again, my cubes z position would be affected accordingly, creating a wave-like motion.

I know this can be done in C4D with fields, but Is there any way to do that in 3Ds Max?


You can create a plane and apply a displace modifier with the bitmap as the height, and then use MCG Ray to Surface Position Constraint on the objects you want to animate:


Start with Lattice modifier on animated mesh (animated displacement)

Scatter (compound) for any other shapes. Animate distribution obj.


Thanks, Kaaf,
this technique worked very well for what I needed.

Now I have another question: Is there any way to ‘bake’ the animation of the position of the objects?