Officially UnOfficial Results


Well since Wegg seems to be AWOL or otherwise occupied I am stepping up to the plate here. I will go over the entries today and look at the (two) private messages I received (you guys still have time to PM me :slight_smile: ) and I will post my results at no later than noon december 3rd.

I have no celebrity judges up my sleeve. But I will do my best.

-David Rogers


Do we just vote for 1 winner or the top 4 entries?



well so far i’ve gotten votes for one, for two and for three (in order of preference) so whichever you prefer. I’m tallying counts for each image then MyFault and I can just agree on the votes and if we only have three or two or what have you we can probably come to an agreement between us which images should round out the top four. so no you needn’t send in more than one, but if you feel a particular dwarf was (while not your favorite) particularly worthy include that as well.

hope that makes sense, but with us unofficially officials officiating you have to expect some off the cuff decisions about how to handle things :slight_smile:

-David Rogers


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