Odd Wacom behavior


I own a Wacom intuos Pro. And have a strange behavior in Cinema4d.
When I select a cube and want to move it, with the mouse I can select 1 axis.
The Wacom however let me select not one axis but the xy, yz and xz together.
I have tested it with the latest Wacom driver C4D R20 and R21


I have troubles with Cinema R21 and Wacom as well. In a viewport, holding 1, 2 or 3, and dragging the Wacom pen outside the viewport, makes the view flip and jump. This happens with the Wacom pen, NOT with the normal mousecursor. And it happens in R21, not in R20.

Have you found a solution for your problem, birdy?


I use the mouse.


Try looking in your preferences. What you described sounds like you haven’t checked the tablet mode.


There is no such setting anymore for the tablet.
Only touch devices are visible in the preferences.


Same problem…So still no solution?


Preferences>input devices>graphics tablet…

It’s still there (I’m in R23)