Octopus In The Bathroom, Thomas Mangold (3D)


Title: Octopus In The Bathroom
Name: Thomas Mangold
Country: Germany
Software: LightWave 3D

Well, obviously a sea creature in an unusual environment doing not necessarily the appropriate thing for an octopus. But what what the heck, it’s only human.

So, this is the result of a long journey. Loads of problems (object size: 1.2 million polygons), slow performance, painful hours of positioning the arms (and then realizing that they are to short) and chrashing computers. Many bones, but still not many enough to deform all the parts smoothly. A painful undertaking which taught me a lot of things.

Thanks to all the folks who helped me during the creation of this image.


Well for all your pain… it was well worth it. It is a fantastic image. Slightly disturbing, yet funny.

Very nicely done.


Amazing! the textures on the Octopus are just great, so realistic. My only crit is the the BG is so dull compared to such a wonderful creature! Hehe I just realised what he is doing. So grusome! great job, I would love to see what the texture looked like. How did you do the UVs?

Again, amazing job!


Indeed its awesome. Maybe the arms are too short because its a baby-octopus (look at the scale of those tiles).


Actually I didn’t use any UVs. I tried in the end to save some time and create an overall UV map, but LW didn’t manage to create an atlas map. Just froze. Later on I managed to create one by selecting each arm and create an UV and stitch them all together: But when I started to modell my octopus I created two UV maps for the bump maps inside of each sucker. I then cloned this element over and over while scaling it down to create the arms. The rest of the octopus is just textured with procedurals and weight maps. When I did this I realized that using weight maps with this amount of polys increases your file size in a way that’s not funny anymore. Max size of my octopus: ca.100mb. Without any maps: 5mb.


An Octopus shaving it’s tentacles, freaks me out :slight_smile:

It’s an awesome image, the Octopus looks great :thumbsup:

Excellent piece!


:thumbsup: Very cool! Thats awesome that you textured it using mostly procedurals. Great modeling job too.


awesome, looks very cool. I like it! :beer:


damm that s excellent, really good image.
nothing to say!
keep it up! :slight_smile:


all good !!
the idea, the posture, the colors, the rendering… all is excellent, you rock man !


:bounce: great!!! :buttrock:


It does look great, the surfacing and comp are amazing.

The shorn off suckers are a bit disturbing :stuck_out_tongue:



Ouch that must hurt! Excellent render, shaders and texture!


Thanks for the laugh !

Excellent image, but funny as well. Five stars


This is great! I love it. This must be the month of the “sea-creatures inhabiting some really peculiar places” :slight_smile:
and the shading/texturing of the octopus is so nice. now if only the enviroment was a little bit dirtier :stuck_out_tongue:
well done!


the horror of it!! wow great image, very well done but MY GOD, that idea makes me itch!




great image!
can you post wire, please…


AAA you a crazi,you dont cane make pipl so mooch too laught its cane be deadli :smiley:
AAAA Fantastik :smiley: Its the best :slight_smile: 5 Points EXcelent


I wondering ful for your pain that you took .
I dont have any for say about it .
Good luck . :thumbsup:
you know what I mean … !


really nice image, funny.
relly good modelisation texturing lighting and rendering!
i’m fond of this kind of picture!

Goooood :smiley: