Octane 4 RC1 With Integrated Brigade Realtime Pathtracer Tech Available To Test Now


I’ve found benchmark for Octane and Redshift too: https://www.cgdirector.com/best-hardware-for-gpu-rendering-in-octane-redshift-vray/
Octanebench gives less than 30% gain over two years ago:
2080Ti 240points
1080Ti 186points
2080 189points
Redshift benchmark gives about 27% speed gain:
2080Ti 8.38
1080Ti 11.44
2080 10.59
I’m not sure where those number comes from: https://evermotion.org/articles/show/11111/nvidia-geforce-rtx-performance-in-arch-viz-applications but until now seems the only things getting 6x gains are marketing and overhyping


Is it Redshift 3.0 alpha or beta in Redshift benchmark ? because if it is 2.x still does not have support for RTX raytracing.



A few benchmarks for octane, redshift, Davinci etc… from puget systems :slight_smile:

In Redshift the 2080 is 8% faster than the 1080 Ti at a similar price and the 2080 Ti is 38% faster.
That’s not bad given that none of those renderers are actually using the new RT or AI features yet (except maybe in denoising?).


An update for Mac Octane users/potential users.

From the Otoy forum, a user was alarmed by nVidia saying that Mac OS Mojave does not support CUDA, and are working with Apple to get it in Mac OS Mojave. The user asked The Otoy team if he should give up on Mac, or is octane coming to Mac OS/metal anytime soon.

Otoy’s post:

We’ll never give up on MacOS, unless it becomes literally impossible to support.

We are working on a new framework (RNDR SDK) that can cross compile to Vulkan, Metal, CUDA and more. Already some pieces of Octane 2019 are ported over, and these pieces (including a test of our path tracing kernel) run at full speed on RTX (+ RT Cores), MacOS, iOS, Intel integrated, Macbook, AMD GPUs on WIn/Mac and more. No ETA on when we will fully replace every feature of the CUDA backend 100%, but we plan to release Octane 2019.1 next year with a good chunk of Octane ported to this framework (and you might be able to use AMD or Intel as secondary GPU even in those releases), and go from there.

While that means they might have something at some point in 2019 on Mac AMD hardware, it doesn’t sound like it’s a way forward for anyone who has work to do right now and wants to stay on Mac.

I may have to sell my iMac (despite absolutely loving it) and build a new 8 core i9 machine, Risen 7, or thread ripper. It’s either that or rely on Pro-Render for a GPU option with no x-particles support. And come one, x-particles is the coolest. :wink:

I thought nVidia merely had to release their drivers for Mac OS Mojave, but I guess the CUDA stuff on Mac is more involved than I thought.


I am aware of at least two Mac engineer job openings at NVIDIA right now. Currently there are no GTX / RTX drivers for 10.14 (usually they release beta drivers not long after the OS release).

The NVIDIA vs. Apple drama continues. Getting old. Seems like neither company wants to put on their big boy pants and collaborate on anything for customers’ benefit. Old grudges die hard I guess.