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If you´re not employed then you have lot of free time to model something.
Here you go:
Car tire and Hammer.



Well. Yet another free model. A coffee spoon!

Modeled with precision in millimetres and centimetres in R12.
It is around 11cm long , 0.7 cm height (laying on a surface) and
around 2.6 cm wide. Thickness in spoon nest is around 1-1.2 mm.



Last month Nick Campbell launched his candle rig and I found it nice… It’s so simple, so magic and very useful. But I thought something is missing, the dynamics on it, I really want to move it, to make it even more real and why not… more useful. Thats why I did the second version with some dynamic improvements.

It would be great if you let me see how it works and the wonderful projects you’ll make with it.

–> Download it here

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Hi,I made a mini light setup with expresso,it’s very simple but effective,it’s basicaly an area light but you can control it very easly,it’s very useful for quick renders,just paste it to library folder,hope you like it.



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Dude, that post is over 10 years old, even the internet has limits :wink:


I’m sorry, I only saw after sending … :bowdown:


Sometimes you can make the internet give up its secrets :slight_smile:



did some screws a while ago.

names are in german but attached is a pic to give the names in german and english in case you might find use for it. (always wanted to rename it but never did so)

there are 4 levels of detail to choose from:

with chamfer
detailed with chamfer

until I rename this whole thing - here it is in german for the moment:



Thanks for the resources.


Thanks macray411 !

How generous of you.
Cheers / Alex


Wonderful! Thanks


This came in handy today.
Nicely modeled too.

Thank you macray411


Thanks macray411.

tủ lạnh aqua aqr-95ar


some new models

oil canister, retro robot, alien mesh etc.



Pumped up an old c4d resource



that is excellent, he came up with (& shared) loads of great stuff


Free 3d models for motion design here: