Object with LookAt's is offset when opening the scene, but fix when scrubbing the timeline


When you set up objects with LookAt-constraints, animate some of their controllers, save the scene, then you do something in another scene, and later re-open the scene with LookAt-constraints. What happens is that the objects with LookAt-constraints looks totally f*ed up, but once I slide the timeline (so that their movement is triggered) the pop back in the correct position.

This isn’t normally a big problem, it’s annoying. But I have been burned a couple of times when I’ve just duplicated some parts without first scrubbing the timeline, which resulted in a lot of offset objects.

This doesn’t always happen, it’s typically if I’m working in a scene with a lot of LookAt’s, then work some in another scene with some LookAt’s, then reopen the initial scene. I have some times seen it happen with few LookAts also, not sure how to trigger it 100%.

Anyway, is there any options in 3dsMax or in the LookAt-constraints that can prevent this? Like as if the LookAt’s re-evaluate once the scene is opened?


Try setting:

preferences.enableTMCache = False