OBJ Import doesn't look right?


Hi guys.

I’m a complete newbie to both Maya and ZBrush, I’m dealing with an issue right now and would appreciate the help.

I’ve made a head in Maya and must import it to ZBrush. This is what it looks like: https://gyazo.com/4c062f7bd3f1b22a028580eda7e84362

I’ve double checked it and everything is as it should be, there doesn’t seem to be any issues in Maya.

When I import it into ZBrush however… it looks like this: https://gyazo.com/3912faf8a5ca93c1bea3c2de43aa18a0 https://gyazo.com/337c9c2e646f963c54fbb3f2da58630b

Hopefully those screenshots work, but if they don’t, the issue is that there’s suddenly holes and one of the eyeballs have sunken in. I don’t see any of these issues if I import into Blender or 3DViewer, so I’m not sure why they’re appearing like this in ZBrush?

I’ve also noticed the model is lowpoly when imported into ZBrush, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen?

I would really appreciate any help here. Thank you dudes!


Hi Timberrifle,

Run a mesh cleanup in Maya to check for any problems with your mesh (if you haven’t already). Mesh>Cleanup. Pay special attention to the options in Fix by Tesselation and Remove Geometry. Once you have run this, export as OBJ and import it into zBrush again. Within ZBrush you can run ZRemesher over the model to remesh it, but be aware that this can remove detail from your model. But I’m guessing that is why you moved it to zBrush in the first place? To sculpt detail?
With the sunken eye, make sure your model is the centre of the world (ie middle of the grid) and the eyes in place in Maya, then delete history and Freeze Transformations on head and eyes before you export.
Remember to duplicate your low poly model in zBrush before you sculpt the high level detail on it.
I hope this helps you.