NURBS things (selection and SDK)


I haven’t played with NURBS in MAX in years … I recently tried to find some possible use of NURBS for my pipeline.
First, I found that the nurbs node properties #selectedCurveCVs, #selectedCurves, #selectedImports, #selectedPoints, etc. no longer exist. It’s true?

Second, I found that

DllExport NURBSResult SetSelection (* pObj object, NURBSSubObjectLevel, BitArray & selset);

SDK method doesn’t work …
Does this mean that I vainly remembered about NURBS?


Denis, do you know why most of max native dlls export a couple of NURBS methods? Project wizard bug?

.dlx exports



I have no idea… I don’t use the wizard


SetSelection works, but the selset BitArray size must exactly match the number of subs in the level.