Numerical Editor


Thanks for the 2.3.1 release. Much appreciated.

Can you please - and this is not a big request, although we’ve been asking for it for years…update the numerical editor? Please?

The fact that rotations zero themselves out, and don’t update as you rotate in the viewport is maddening, to say the least. We need proper rotation feedback when modeling, no matter how you look at it.



I second that!


I third that


I’ve already got this in our tracker, and I took a stab at it a month ago or so…and it turned out to not be as simple a change internally as I thought it would be. It’s on my list, and the behavior annoys me too, so that may motivate us to get to it sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike!
Glad to know that it’s on your to-do list. Fixing that issue will be one less step to worry about during the modeling process.

For example, my current workflow is to model single elements in Silo, and then bring them to Maya to do things like array rotations (think of propeller blades). If all the modeling steps could be contained within Silo, that would be fantastic.

Also, as kudos to Silo - the mirroring works amazingly, even with non-symmetrical meshes. Good luck getting that to work with the big “M”.

Keep up the great work.


could this tracker be made available for public view, much less feedback?


Unfortunately not. It’s tied to the internal code repository and integrates tightly with it. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a more client-facing tracker, though, but having two of them (one for you guys, one for internal stuff) would probably be a time sink. It’s something to think about, though, so duly noted. :slight_smile:


I love silo, been using it for 9 years now, but I’m sad this still isn’t a feature, please add soon if possible!


it would be cool… however it somehow differ from the position ““recorded””

position shows, where is the object ""local cordinata “” zero

but… that zero can be changed, temporary, and this temporary set will be reseted to the object geometrical center after operations like mirroring…

so same way the rotational recording will be lost…

temporary you can hold the position setting manipulator to object, versus world…

but some operations will reset it… so even it will be solved somehow, it wont keep forever the value…

just my mumbling…


Any news in this regard? This should be a default option available to a modeling package. Consistent values in a numerical editor should be available, especially when transforming objects.
It’s been years…Is it that hard to implement in the core code? Can we get community involvement with this?