NPR - Toon Shading Comparisons


Thanks for the kind words interactiveboy. It was actually a scene file built by another artist here at madmicrobe (Andy Lefton). I took it into arnold to mess around with it just to see how the shaders work which was a fun exercise.

Also thanks Nick for the file–Will check it out as soon as I have a chance.


The Halftone Shader Pack for Blender 2.8 and Eevee wasn’t mentioned yet:

It can be used for NPR hatching without post:




There is a hack to use the Redshift State node to fake a Lambert shader but is does not take shadows into account nor lighting only a vector from a null object. When I get back I’ll see if I can post a link to the video.

As the Devs explained the problem is that Redshift shades once, unlike Arnold, so it can’t do this trick. OSL may help with creating toon shaders but it seems it’s a looong way away. This was all promised a couple of years ago now and they’re in the process of rewriting the whole Redshift core again.

I bought Redshift for GPU based Toon Shading but they haven’t delivered in 2 years and now they’ve stopped mentioning it.

As promised,


And the KOMIKAZE Eevee Toon Shaders for Blender 2.8:




Those Toon shaders are awesome and much better than I’ve made myself.

$25 is a snip for the amount of learning I’ll do by picking those node groups apart.


Thanks infograph - I’ve seen that video.

The single shading step also seems to be a detriment to implementing some of the C4D utility shaders.

I understand the whole point is to make RS as fast as possible and certain things that require in-line baking and what-not can go against that philosophy.

Back to NPR: I wonder if the toon solution is going to be offered as that OSL update, whenever it finally happens. But not really toon shaders/tools in RS.


When Redshift first started talking about Toon Shading they said they were talking to many studios to see what features are required. TBH I’d say look at Arnold and that’s what Toon Shading is and if you can support Motion Blur and DoF that would be ace.

Anyway, one of the Devs said they were talking to Maxon Devs regarding Toon Shading so make of that what you will. It might end up being Sketch and Toon on the GPU.

OSL would certainly give you ample scope to code your own Toon Shaders and there are many examples out there on the web.


True, but I’m afraid that’s what we’ll get. (OSL) I don’t want to have to code my own OSL…I need out of the box functionality as I’m a one-man shop and don’t have the resources. S&T on GPU would be great…especially if they cleaned up the the strokes engine while at it.


Before the Maxon acquisition the Redshift Devs were much more communicative, they barely communicate at all anymore so it’s a job to know what the plans are.

To get me back as a customer they’re going to have to knock Redshift RT and Toon Shading out of the park. I just don’t think it’s going to be here anytime soon, I’d actually be surprised if it’s here by this time next year.


I know there were rumors that Bodypaint was still being developed. Does anyone know if S&T will see an update or will I need to buy Redshift instead?


I don’t know that I would say those two things are mutually exclusive. The Redshift development is a separate team of folks from C4Ds core app.