Novel Vexel Rendering in Expresii makes pixels zoom like vector


Expresii the digital paint app is updated with ‘Vexel Rendering’ for its ability to allow ultra deep zoom:

Previously, only those paint strokes drawn inside the app can scale large up to paper-fiber level. Now this Vexel Rendering allows also imported RGB image to be scaled up as well. This technique works well only for illustration-type images and not for general images like photos.

The interesting thing is, at moderate zoom level like 20x, you see raster richness with shape details; towards 100x and beyond, you start to see shaded vector shapes. The transition is smoothly done in real-time by the GPU.

Expresii can now also export artworks at up to 32k x 32k pixels. When it was first released in 2016, it was only up to 12k x 12k.

Available at the MS Store if you’re on Windows 10 or above, or at Gumroad if you’re on windows 7 or above for $59.

Read more about the vexel rendering update in this blog post:


The app itself looks interesting. I’m not sure how much traction it’ll get seeing as how crowded this market space is. There are already a lot of high quality natural media apps out there, some with “infinite zoom”, RYB mixing, and all sorts of effects to give digital painters that IRL feel. Having said that, I’m sure that somebody will find a good use for it. The price is low enough.