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[left]OFDW 021 is finally here - join in! :slight_smile:

[b]Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Angels & Devils - 021
with Guest Host Mechahatechimp

[/b]OFDW 021: Feb. 16, 2007 - Mar. 16, 2007



[left]A wonderful and extensive traditional / digital tutorial by botched:

TUTORIAL - At the Foot of the Tree (Step-By-Step) - by Botched


Thanks to siouxfire for finding and posting this great link:

TUTORIAL - Gesture Drawing for Animation - FREE pdf series

Direct link to the site:

Gesture Drawing for Animation by Walt Stanchfield


Thanks to le-mec / Mark Chong for posting his excellent 10 minute video figure drawing tutorials!
TUTORIAL - Ten Minute Drawing Techniques - by Mark Chong

Direct Link to Mark Chong’s Blog


New gorgeous landscapes by ‘child prodigy’ T-Scholes :wink: - definitely check this out!

Landscape Walkthrough and PSD:

(See posts #60 and 361)


This may be redundant for some of you, but if you are new to digital painting then I hope this helps - I rewrote / updated the old apple shading tutorial for those who are beginning to paint digitally in Photoshop: :slight_smile:
TUTORIAL - Quick Apple Painting Tutorial for Beginners


2 Tutorials, one traditional, one digital:

Tutorial: Draw and Sketch Like The Old Masters - by NR43

Two Portraits, Process and PSD’s


Brought to you by killermachine, a great opportunity for collaboration: :slight_smile:

OC JAM Thread


[left]Hey everyone, just wanted to call your attention to a couple of items. OFDW 021 is winding down, so please post your final pieces to the Workshop thread if you have not already done so by the END OF MARCH 16 - you have til midnight, March 16 in your timezone to post (this is a rough guide). Looking forward to seeing everyone’s final pieces! It’s been an amazing Workshop! :slight_smile:

 [[b]Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Angels & Devils - 021[/b]](
 [left]Also, I wanted to point out this new thread, which will hopefully be helpful to those of you new to the forum. Please point new people to this thread where you can, it will really help out! :) It's a Sticky on the main page of the Anatomy Forum, so is easy to find:
 [[b]ANATOMY FORUM GUIDE - The definitive version! PLEASE READ if you are new![/b]](


[left]Mike Rollinson, aka default_rol, has kindly agreed to run a Weekly or Monthly series of Creature and Character Design Workshops. We need your feeback and suggestions though! Kindly post your ideas, suggestions, etc. here!

Your ideas are needed for a Weekly Creature / Character Design Workshop!


Hey everyone, it’s here thanks to Mike / default-rol, I hope that everyone will participate! :slight_smile:

The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 001


[center][left]These Character development Workshops will run back to back every 2 weeks!

The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 002



[left]Join in!

The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 003


Noted artist Erik Gist has posted a great figure drawing tutorial here:

TUTORIAL - Watts Atelier Figure Tutorial - by Gist



[left]Fantastic new Sketchbook Thread of Erik Gist - subscribe for updates:
Anatomy Studies and Demos by Gist


[left]Join in! References to be posted soon by Mike, but of course you can use your own as well:

The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 004


More excellent 10 minute video tutorials on drawing from Marc Chong / le-mec (see posts at bottom of page 1):

TUTORIAL - Ten Minute Drawing Techniques (VIDEOS) - by Mark Chong


[left]Brought to you by killermachine and DigitalSol, and running for the next 6-7 weeks:

Manga Workshop


This weekend!

Live Workshop in San Diego, CA - JP Targete at Studio 2nd Street (Ron and Vanessa Lemen)


Making a Cover Illustration

a workshop with

 J P Targete
 Saturday May 19-Sunday May 20
 10am-6pm both days
 DAY 1:

10am - 1pm - Sketching and concepting from the minds eye, with lecture and discussion, practicing brainstorming and sketching techniques…the key to expanding your creativity.

2pm - 6 pm - Student sketching - students should bring a sketch pad, vine charcoal, markers and 11"x14" pad, students will sketch freely, using some of the techniques learned from the lecture, there will be a class critique with key points such as how to unleash creativity, where the focus is not about technical skills, but more about getting a flow to sketching.

 DAY 2:

10am - 1pm - Starting an illustration, applying more technical aspects to a previous sketch done the day before, with a lecture on technique, color, materials, etc.

2pm - 6pm - Finishing the image, taking the image to completion - with discussion regarding what works for reproduction, more about technique, blending, keeping edges clear and distinct, reproducing the work, sending it off to the client, also with a discussion about contracts and other business aspects.

 (exact times for lunch break may vary)
 The fee for this 2-day workshop is $150

Originally posted by Ron Lemen:

 The workshop is called [Making A Book Cover with JP Targete](

For those of you who plan late, there is a paint along workshop with JP Targete this weekend at our studio,

It is a 2 day event, paint along with the main man, while he demonstrates and critiques you as you go. He will cover, comping, penciling, painting, digital painting, just to name a few.

It is $150 for the two days, 10 - 6 both days. We will also have his art work up a few days before hand so you can view it, a mini show for JP.

Those of you in the LA area or SD area interested in attending, email us at GO to the web site to check out more on his workshop.

  There are a few seats left, so if you are interested, email us asap.
  We will return shortly with more updates.
 Images from the Workshop page:

[left]This announcement has also been posted to CGNews, here.


The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 005