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Free Art Videos from TheDailyDrawing

[li]Anatomy Lessons (Random Tips, Construction Demostrations)[/li][li]Digital scuplture demos (Zbrush)[/li][li]Digital Painting[/li][li]Traditional Painting[/li][/ul]



Check out these cool video tutorials from my friend Tom (IdiotApathy on some forums):

Demo’s from some ‘Idiot’: Step by Steps, PSDs and Videos


[b][b]Update to Demo’s from some ‘Idiot’: Step by Steps, PSDs and Videos

Digital Figure Painting (NUDITY, NSFW):
Step by Step, animated gif and PSD!


Upcoming Interview with Anatomy Instructor Frank Porcu - What Would You Like to Ask?

[left]I’ve asked Anatomy Instructor Frank Porcu for an interview, and he’s agreed! So if there are questions you would like to ask him, please post them to the thread linked here:

[center]>>Upcoming Interview with Anatomy Instructor Frank Porcu - What Would You Like to Ask?<<

I will write up a formal set of questions based on what you guys write plus what questions I would like to ask, and submit them to him. I’ll then post his answers to the Anatomy Forum.


[/b][left]Thanks everyone, looking forward to your questions - this is a unique opportunity to ask questions of a Master Instructor of Anatomy! :slight_smile:



[b]The Open Figure Drawing Workshop is back!

Click the link below or either of the images to be taken to the Master Copy Workshop:

[/b]Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Mixed Masters - 020



[left]New Video Tutorial updates in a series by Bobby Chiu - check it out! [b]

[/b][center]NEW POST - Dec. 20

[color=LemonChiffon]*See the first post for the latest updates - the newest videos are first:[/color]

TUTORIALS - Digital Painting Video Sketchbook - by Bobby Chiu



[left]Great new demos from TScholes:

[center] Demo’s from some Idiot: Step by Steps, PSDs and Videos - Nudity

>>>See page 2 for new posts!<<<




[left]The deadline for the current OFDW 020 is extended to the end of the day (your time zone) Jan. 10, 2007

This should give everyone (including yours truly) time to make up for lost time over the holiday break.

Happy New Years everyone! Thanks for your great participation in 2006 - here’s to a fantastic 2007! :slight_smile:


Big thanks to mashru for this free model!

Originally posted by mashru: Here is a model i recently made available for download. it should work as a good base mesh for sculptors. it also has decent topology for rigging and posing.

>>>Download mashru’s free model here!<<<


Coming Soon - Group Workshop: Open Courseware Anatomy Video Lecture Series

                                               I just discovered through a [link]( in General Discussions to Berkeley's Open Courseware Website.
   I found this Open Courseware Class from Berkeley:

   [General Human Anatomy]([/b]

And thought that we could do Group Workshops here on the Anatomy Forum where each week, we would watch an Anatomy Video (not all of them, many do not apply to Artistic Anatomy - the course is geared toward science not art students) and then do an exercise based on the topic of the video.

  Please go to the thread below to post your feedback / ideas:
   [[b]&gt;&gt;&gt;Coming Soon - Group Workshop: Open Courseware Anatomy Video Lecture Series&lt;&lt;&lt;[/b]](

[left]Also, if anyone finds another link to another school with a good Anatomy Course, please post that link to the thread linked above! :)[/left]


Hi everyone,

It's long overdue, but I want to put together the SPOTLIGHT threads together for both Anatomy Lesson Series Workshops.

If you have done any recent work for / from these Workshops then please post your finished work to the respective threads:

[[b]Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 1 - The Head[/b]](

[[b]Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 2 - The Torso[/b]](

[left]I want to get these threads together by around April / May when I'm hoping to do the SPOTLIGHT for Year 2 of the Anatomy Forum.

So please post work if you have not done so to these respective threads so that I can include them in the SPOTLIGHT threads for these Workshops! :) 

(Please do not repost work that is already there as I will be culling the work that is already posted from these threads).

*Please note that this is not an announcement of a new Workshop.



For anyone interested in traditional charcoal drawing techniques, I’ve posted a very informal / rough demo here - hope it’s useful: :slight_smile:

TUTORIAL - Traditional Charcoal Drawing Step by Step - by Rebeccak


An amazing Traditional Pencil Drawing Tutorial by one of our best artists, Icey - definitely check this out - click link or image to be taken to:

TUTORIAL - Traditional Pencil Shading Technique - by Icey


Brilliant Concept Sketches by artist Gangus - if you show enough interest, he may run a Workshop as well, so show your love:

TUTORIAL - Figurative Concept Pieces - by Gangus


[center]Artist Gangus has added a Tutorial to the beginning of his Tutorial thread, and images to the back of the thread - click on links or images to be taken directly to either one:

New Tutorial from Gangus:


New Images from Gangus:


Check out this great update (Coloring + Landscape Walkthroughs) to IA’s excellent Tutorial thread here:

Demo’s from some Idiot: Step by Steps, PSDs and Videos - Nudity



Bobby Chiu Videocast of a Creature Painting:


[left]For anyone wanting to learn how to draw, I can’t recommend doing cross contour drawings enough. I’ve been practicing them for a class I’ve been sitting in on and they’ve been really useful in improving my perception. Thanks to mashru for providing a 3D female model for illustrative purposes!

I’d encourage anyone interested in improving their drawing skill to try this exercise:

TUTORIAL / Exercise - Cross Contour Drawing - Some Nudity

3D model (for illustrative purposes) by mashru:


[left]A very cool compositional tool workaround - without upgrading to Painter X:

TUTORIAL - Composition Tools for Painter users - by Mu

EDIT: Also see:

TUTORIAL - Composition Tools for Photoshop users - by LoTekK


Gangus continues with his Tutorial here:

Tutorial addition part 2- Dressing up a Drawing Digitally - by Gangus