Not render glass effect (transparency)


In the render view, I don’t see the glass effect (transparency of Material object), I see gray element, not glass effect (in the render preview)

In render settings > Ambient Occlusion the “Evaluate Transparency” is ticked.
In Anti Aliasing I selected “Best”.
So what is the problem? I don’t see the glass effect in the render view.

I will be happy to get help. I’m a beginner in C4D.


Did you use a standard glass shader from the content browser ?
Is there a light in the scene … is there a floor ?
A file would help.



link to file.

I have a floor but no light.


Looked at your file and see your plane is in the way … move it back on the Y and it’ll renderPlane jelly-loop-particles 1.c4d (182.1 KB)


The problem in my file is another object.
Thank you!!