NOT LIKING R25's interface overhaul



I don’t know if anyone else feels the same but I’m not liking the Interface OVerhaul.

It’s also very irritating figuring out which icons have become what !? Lot of time wasting.

It was great as it was very succinct and good use of colour to separate different tools.


Many of the icons have zero informational value. Don’t hint at what they do. So many icons just look the same. UI was almost the only feature of the upgrade and it is, in fact, a downgrade. LOL


The more I read about users disappointments , the better I feel about
not upgrading :grinning:


It is a downgrade :slight_smile: I used to hate it often with Maya when they’d do a huge UI Overhaul that wasn’t actually an improvement - just a few days or more of confusion.

I think they could have added and worked into the existing UI but not redone and made worse !


I upgraded and I am used to it now. I made some custom icons.
I like the dynamic menus very much, more space in the viewport.

I complained at Maxon about the missing icons.
This was their answer.
“I’ve just heard, that some icons are missing, as the artist simply wasn’t finished creating them at releasetime.”

Shame on you Maxon, a lazy artist caused the trouble. Fire him.


How do you know the missing icons were caused by a ‘lazy artist’ (I have never met in my whole working career) and not incompetent management underestimating the amount of time required to redesign all the icons? In my experience true artists are some of the most driven people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, they are compelled to create work.

In any case, how does taking an artist’s livelihood away from them help you specifically? Will it make you feel better knowing they’re now unemployed when you click on their icons for the next decade?

UI/UX design is an extremely difficult job, it’s very easy to take for granted how much design work goes into every single icon to convey the correct meaning at a glance. A new UI is not something that can be thrown together overnight. Before calling for someone to lose their job you might make more of an effort to determine whether they were actually at fault.


Read my post before you reply.
I’ve got the answer from Maxon support themselves.
Maxon should not release an incomplete product.
Mercedes won’t release a new car without wheels.


I read your previous post and nowhere does it give any evidence whatsoever that a ‘lazy artist’ was responsible for missing icons.

To quote you, “I’ve just heard, that some icons are missing, as the artist simply wasn’t finished creating them at releasetime.”

How do those words mean a ‘lazy artist’ was responsible instead of, an artist was given an unachievable timescale and couldn’t make the deadline?

Where do Maxon Support actually say it was a ‘lazy artist’?

Want to have another go at making yourself look stupid?


Oh no not another CG Talk handbags at 3 paces :slight_smile:

I’m using S24 and my License is about to renew very soon - not happy with the update at all. If I could pay less and use the earlier versions I’d definitely be less pissed off.

In regard to lazy artist accusation probably untrue but I definitely noticed stuff missing?

I personally see it as throwing money and doing a lot of work for a problem that wasn’t really there … Icons should have been updated perhaps over time and kept layout with colour schemes…


Absolutely right. Maxon should try to keep in mind …
… If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. :grinning:


Exactly if it ain’t broke don’t fix it - by all means add to it and improve it tho :wink: