Not another car!


Ok I have been mouthing off in this forum so here goes!

This is a concept model made in a spline based program (animation master). It is a mid engine model using real dimensions shot with a 50mm lens. What I am aiming for is a design feel which explaines the 2d representation and the low lighting.

Be as nice or nasty as you like! I can take it,… I think :slight_smile:

Greetings Kanga


How do you want to make your design evocative? It looks like a design atm which looks nice but i don’t an evocative part yet :slight_smile:


Hi Jawine

Thanx 4 th post, I guess because i know what the rest looks like this was more interesting for me. I got more comments like this elsewhere (not evocative but not enough info). I was aiming to make it a little mysterious.

No problem :slight_smile: back to th drawing board!
Greetings Kanga


Well to make an object evocative IS hard ^0^

Hm the only things i can think of as example as the ghosttrains in final fantasy, but these more or less look like they’re alive and have a face which makes things easier again.
The batmobile is a pretty striking car, but also fantast style with a pretty extreme design. So maybe objects need to be rather wacky to be evocative :wink:


Hoi Jawine!

The car was made for a client so it had to be "not too extreme’.
I guess the feeling I was trying to evoke was one of possesion. I have seen car designs here on CGTalk where I thought,“man I got to have that car”.

I could do stuff with lighting, background and so forth, what I think I will do is go for a new model that is much more extreme. It was very valuable to get the comment I received from this and other forums.

In short I am in agreement with you and will now make something which is not constrained by client considerations. I think I will go further than the batmobiele this time :wink:

May the force be with you.


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