Noseman's Youtube Channel - NEWs


Here’s a new thread, promoting myself.
I have no moral compass and not a bit of modesty, so I can do that.

Anyhow, here’s my Youtube channel:

I’ll be announcing any new stuff relating to the Channel right here from now on.
Now click the link above and go learn something…


Looks great so far!


with the breadth and wealth of knowledge you give freely to C4D community, you are most certainly welcome to self promote.


He solved all my animation problems with one weird trick.


Cool! Looking forward to seeing how the channel progresses!


and I have no idea how I did that. The Nose works in mysterious ways :slight_smile:


New video tutorial:
“Thinking Particles Age to Scale and MoGraph integration”

Link to final file is in the Description text.
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Another couple of Videos on my YT channel:

“Thinking Particle Generation & Troubleshooting Tips”

“Fire and Smoke with Thinking Particles and MoGraph”


New video:
"How to create and Texture a Jiggly Orb"
In this Video, I show how to create a Jiggly Orb, made of stone, that emits light from the deformed areas.
I use an Effector as a Deformer, add a Jiggle Deformer to get some secondary motion, and then use a tension tag to record the stretched polygons and drive a Vertex map and a material



New Video:
New MoGraph Tutorial. How to control three material channels independently using three MoGraph effectors.Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment… positively only.


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and another tutorial about UV unwrapping a smartphone with a bezel


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New modeling tutorial:“How to Rotate polygons on their edge and Align them to adjacent ones”. I show snapping and Extended Axis Handles. If you don’t know what these are, you really need to watch this.


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none of those youtube links worked.


oh man. I had no ideaa.
Let me fix them

Thank you very much


New tutorial on insydium X-Particles: How to use the xpBranch modifier to create branching structures:



New tutorial, inspired by one of you.
I am showing a couple of techniques that allow you to sort the Cloner indexes.



Thnx Nose!


This is super exciting! Thanks noseman–you solved our problem! :wink:


I may switch my title to “C4D Therapist” :slight_smile:
Glad I could be of assistance.