Norman Survivor


please feedback are welcome thanks for supports


Hey there,

That’s really good! The highlight for me is the scrambling backwards and jumping up the ladder. nice stuff.
Now for the critique bit :wink:

The ground seems like it’s a trampoline at the start. Tone down his bounce a lot. He also slides along at the end of that initial entrance like it’s ice, then when he runs away from the dino the ground has traction.
When he swings around that tree branch and changes direction in the air. That bit needs to be looked at again. It doesn’t really make sense to me at the moment. He also pauses mid air and does a sort of rodeo flip. This style could work, but it’s completing with the rest of the animation that doesn’t use this style. Same with the stretching to land on the branch. It seems a little out of character here. Either go for this stretchy style throughout, or remove/tone it down at this point. The stretch after he grabs the rock has the same feeling. A bit too stretchy and not enough pop to it.

These are actually mainly small notes and could just be little tweaks to what you have there. There’s some really cool acting in there. Keep going and it could be a feature piece.

EDIT: just clicked on the syncsketch link and added another note there too…



ok thanks
i ll upload the update of the shot