Norman Rig for messiah


Adapted the Norman rig to messiah. There’s still a heap of stuff I would like to add, but he is fairly full featured, with facial controls, armatures, etc. Next version will also be able to turn in to Normina

Here’s a linkto the original Norman for Maya.


And here’s a quickie mod I did for a short animation I will be working on.


Looking sweet


Fantastic Setup, are you plan on using it for any animation contest or was it all just for personal reasons?


Thx guys. I do plan on using it for some personal tests but mostly it was created to give new messiah users a more full featured rig to animate with.

KungFu Dork released a nice simple rig called Klunk and Ulven has a more complex rig coming as well. Woot to all!


I haven’t posted on CG Society in years…

But I wanted to say, nice work - when I get my hands on the latest Messiah one day, I’ll have to try this out.


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